Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Talk To Ursula And Ariel

The magical world of Disney Dreamlight allows you to interact with all of your favorite Disney characters and live out your Disney fantasies with them as well. Among these include the fan-favorite Ariel and the Sea Witch Ursula but getting to talk to them might put you in a pickle. We have prepared a detailed guide that will help you to find and talk to Ursula and Ariel.

Ariel and Ursula locations

The first challenge that comes to talking to these characters is locating them. Since both of these are found swimming around the ocean, you need to wait around the shores to interact with them.

They are often found around the realm in areas such as the Glade of Trust, Frosted Heights, or deep in the infamous sea of Dazzle Beach which turns out to be really hard for you to get to and talk to Ursula and Ariel.

How to talk to Ursula and Ariel

Since both of these aquatic characters are found near water-filled areas, going up to find them one at a time is time-consuming. For that purpose, you can save yourself the hassle of finding them easily by reading this guide.

The trick here is to carry a Camera as an added accessory in your backpack. Once they get to the shore you need to use your camera and try to take a Selfie with them. They will rush to you and as they get within your reach you should instigate a quest.

If you are still unable to talk to Ursula without the selfie trick, you should then try to unlock the Dazzle Beach biome. Find and free Ursula from the cave. You can then free her by taking up the quest and later onwards you can also increase your friendship XP by giving her items as well.

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