How To Get Moonstones In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Moonstones are a premium currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are used to unlock the many cosmetics in the game....

Moonstones are a premium currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are used to unlock the many cosmetics in the game. Other than their cosmetic uses, Moonstones cannot be used to purchase any items that impact gameplay.

This is because Moonstones can only be purchased with real-life money. Yes, there are microtransactions in Disney Dreamlight Valley but they are purely cosmetic.

If you need to get some Moonstones, the following guide will explain just how.

How to get more Moonstones in Dreamlight Valley

With Moonstones being such a rare currency that needs to be bought with real-life money, there wouldn’t be any direct ways of farming them. Therefore, the only option left, especially in the pre-release version, would be to spend money on them, one way or the other.

As of now, there are two different ways you can get Moonstones in Dreamlight Valley:

  • Purchasing the Founder Packs
  • Completing the Star Path

There are three different Founder Packs you can purchase as of yet; the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Founder Packs. Each of these three founder packs varies in price and in the amounts and rarity of the items they contain, including Moonstones.

The amounts of Moonstones they offer are as follows:

  • Standard: 8000
  • Deluxe: 14,500
  • Ultimate: 20,000

Additionally, you can also earn a few Moonstones as you make your way through the Star Path, completing duties to earn tokens and then using them to eventually get a small amount of them.

The Star Path is a seasonal-based mission system that works like a Battle Pass that rewards players with different rewards like cosmetics and currencies on completion of certain missions. Right now, the seasons last for about a month, but things might change in the full-release version.

Furthermore, as of now, these are the only two methods to get Moonstones. Maybe in the full-release version (which is coming out sometime in 2023), we might get an in-game shop where you can buy Moonstones independently, but till then you need not worry about spending too much money on them for now as they would be carried over once the full game releases.

What are Moonstones used for in Dreamlight Valley

Moonstones can only be used to buy cosmetics from the menu store. These items are mostly in early access so you will be able to get your hands on them before the rest of the bunch.

You can use Moonstones to boost progress on the Star Path, which is a tier-based reward system, similar to the battle pass.

Players can also unlock the premium route on the Star Path which contains additional cosmetics that can be collected by progressing through the tiers.

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