Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where To Find Flowers In Moana’s Memory

While exploring the different regions of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will sometimes find memories of different characters. You can then use these memories to find different items or locations.

In The Remembering quest, you will receive a memory that belongs to Moana in the Forest of Valor. Finding this memory is required to complete this quest. Read this guide to learn how to find Flowers for Moana’s Memory. 

Where to find Moana’s memory flowers

Head to the Forest of Valor

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the flowers for Moana’s Memory can be found in the Forest of Valor. The plants of these flowers can easily be identified by the big white bell on top of them.

Once you have located the White Bell Flowers, collect 10 of them. Finding this many flowers in one day can be a difficult task. You can come on any different day to collect the remaining ones once they respawn in the Forest of Valor.

Use the Furniture option

The memory flowers can also be found on the other side of Forest of Valor but for some players, the bridge to access the second part is blocked by the big mushroom stump. You can access to the flowers on the other side by using the map furniture option.

Once you have seen these flowers on the map, select and drag them to the first part of the Forest of Valor. You can then pick these flowers to complete the 10 on your list.

Show the memory to Moana

As soon as you pick all 10 of the flowers, a memory will appear that belongs to Moana. You need to bring that memory back to Moana to complete the Remembering Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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