How To Go About Fixing Moana Boat In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Your first task given by Moana will be fixing her boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here is how to go about it.

While completing Moana’s questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will eventually be tasked to help repair her fishing boat. This will be part of the Fixing the Boat quest and a fairly important one in the game that you will get once your friendship level reaches level two with her.

Fixing her fishing boat will automatically generate a load of fish for you to prepare dishes to consume or sell. You will also be able to improve her boat with various upgrades. The following guide will take you through fixing and upgrading Moana’s fishing boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Fixing Moana’s boat In Dreamlight Valley

fixing the boat dreamlight valley

To fix Moana’s Boat, the first step is to invite Moana to the village. Then you need to gather the following items:

  • 50x Softwood: Can be found around the trees.
  • 70x Fiber: Can be made using Seaweed, or fished at ponds.
  • 3x Pink Hydrangea: Can be found randomly around Dazzle Beach.

Once you have acquired all of the aforementioned items, return to Moana’s boat and hand them over to her to complete the quest.

Did You Know

In certain instances, you may come across a bug where you’re unable to interact with Moana’s boat. This usually occurs when there is a rock or pebble near the ship. To fix this, all you hate to do is move the rock and everything should function as normal.

How to upgrade Moana’s boat?

You can upgrade Moana’s fishing boat a total of nine times. Each upgrade will increase the number of fish generated. Each upgrade cost will also increase exponentially.

A fully upgraded boat will give you 20x fish every time. That can even include rare fish like Walleye and Fugu. The time it takes to generate fish will be around 5 minutes once all upgrades have been done.

BasicFree2x Fish1x Fish per 30 min
Level 11,000 Star Coins4x Fish1x Fish per 20 min
Level 22,000 Star Coins6x Fish1x Fish per 15 min
Level 33,500 Star Coins8x Fish1x Fish per 12 min
Level 45,000 Star Coins10x Fish1x Fish per 10 min
Level 510,000 Star Coins12x Fish1x Fish per 9 min
Level 620,000 Star Coins14x Fish1x Fish per 8 min
Level 730,000 Star Coins16x Fish1x Fish per 7 min
Level 840,000 Star Coins18x Fish1x Fish per 6 min 30 sec
Level 950,000 Star Coins20x Fish1x Fish per 6 min

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