How To Make Fiber & Rope In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The premise of Disney Dreamlight Valley will make it pretty evident from the get-go that there are loads of broken...

The premise of Disney Dreamlight Valley will make it pretty evident from the get-go that there are loads of broken things lying around. Here, you will need the help of a sturdy rope to fix what needs fixing.

So, why would you need fiber? It is a resource that allows you to craft rope. The more fiber you have, the more rope you can have.

Considering the number of broken things every second quest will ask you to fix in the game, you will require a lot of fiber to craft heaps of ropes.

The only problem is that fiber itself needs to be crafted. The following guide will explain how to gather ingredients to first craft fiber in order to craft rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to make fiber in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You need seaweed to craft fiber. You can find seaweed by fishing in ponds and lakes or along coastlines. Dazzle Beach is an excellent biome for you to get seaweed.

Dazzle Beach is also where you will be completing some of the friendship quests of Moana, which will be the first time you get asked to get some fiber to repair a shipwreck.

Once you find a suitable fishing spot, take out your royal fishing rod and start fishing.

A good tip to know here is that if you do find seaweed early on, do not throw/sell it away. Keep it in your inventory because you will need it later on.

1x Seaweed is enough to make 5x Fibers.

How to make rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you know how to craft fibers with seaweed, it is time to learn how to craft ropes.

Make your way to the crafting table and use 8x Fibers to craft 1x Rope. As said earlier, you need a lot of rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which means you need a lot of seaweed for fibers. Hence, do not trash any seaweed you find.

Where do I find rope/fiber in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

There is no such place or shop from where you can get rope and fiber directly in the game. You can only craft them.

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