Disney Dreamlight Valley Crossplay/Cross-progression Explained

We are here to explain cross-play and cross-progression in Disney Dreamlight Valley to share your items and game access across platforms.

Disney Dreamlight Valley certainly delivers an ambitious world, allowing players to build a valley of their own populated by famous Disney characters. Have you ever wondered whether you can play the game on your PC, get up go to another room and resume your progress on a console? Well, wonder no more as we are here to explain cross-play and cross-progression in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Does Disney Dreamlight Valley have crossplay/progression?

Well straight off the bat let us tell you that Disney Dreamlight valley does not support the cross-play feature currently. The multiplayer kind of crossplay that is, since there is no multiplayer in the game.

While a multiplayer feature has been promised for the game with its final release, what form that will take remains to be unseen.

Hopefully, it’s something like Animal Crossing New Horizons and you can visit your friend’s valley across different platforms through cross-play.

The good news is that Disney Dreamlight Valley does indeed feature cross-save across multiple platforms so your progress carries over.

Can you play Disney Dreamlight Valley on different platforms?

Yes, you can play Disney Dreamlight Valley on different platforms with the help of cross progression feature. Essentially, cross-progression is backed by a cloud that saves the progress of the game onto the online servers.

Once your game progress is successfully saved in Cloud Save, you can then share your data between any of the platforms mentioned below.

  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC

How do you play Dreamlight Valley on different platforms?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the cross-progression feature can be enabled by doing the following steps given below.

  • Run Disney Dreamlight Valley on any of the platforms that you are playing.
  • Hop on to the setting menu and select the “Cloud Save” option.
  • A prompt will open asking you to sign into your Gameloft account.
  • After logging in, wait for the game data to upload.

How do cloud saves and cross-progression work?

Cross-progression in Disney Dreamlight Valley is done through Gameloft’s own cloud saves feature across all the platforms the game is available on.

This allows the players to save the game on the cloud with the help of their Gameloft accounts and play it on any other hardware platform by just logging in to that device.

While the final game will be free to play, Founder’s Pack is not. Without setting up a cross-save, players will have to buy Founders Pack separately for each platform they wish to play on.

Thanks to cross-progression, players don’t need to purchase Dreamlight Valley again on different platforms.

If someone has bought the game on Steam, they can simply enable cross-progression by setting up their Gameloft account and then play the game on a PS5 or even Nintendo Switch if they desire.

How to create a Gameloft account and enable crossplay/cloud saves

Gameloft Account can be created from the main menu screen. Click “Cloud Save” and the account creation screen will pop up.

Enter your email to proceed. If you happen to be under 16, provide the email of your guardian. Once you are done, they will send the verification code to the given email.

You would need to input that code in the game within one hour. By doing this, you would be done setting your account up. You can use the email and password to access your ID from any platform.

It is advisable that you note down your email and password somewhere so that you won’t lose your data. If you want to reset your password or want to log out the ID, just go to the same Cloud Save option.

It is best to set up cross-saves before playing the game so that you don’t accidentally claim your Founder’s Pack rewards on a single platform. You need to set up cross-progression before you can share your game license and rewards across multiple devices.

Disney Dreamlight Valley cloud save error

Since the game has gained massive popularity so lots of players are trying to access Cloud Save. You might find that Cloud Save isn’t working.

This might be because the server is overloaded and can’t respond. The basic way to tackle this is to try several times.

If it doesn’t help, just restart the game or even the console and check your internet connection.

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