Where To Find Basil & Oregano In Disney Dreamlight Valley

While adventuring in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Goofy will assign you a friendship quest called A Warm Welcome. The quest will...

While adventuring in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Goofy will assign you a friendship quest called A Warm Welcome. The quest will task you to gather some herbs to cook a special meal with Goofy while raising your friendship level with him simultaneously.

You will need to gather 3x Basil and 3x Oregano. That sounds simple enough but if you are having trouble finding the ingredients, the following guide will tell you where to go.

Where to find Basil in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Since Goofy is an early-game character, you will be able to find both ingredients in the starting area of the game.

Basil is incredibly common in the Peaceful Meadow region. In fact, that is the only place where you can find the herb. None of the other locations or realms are able to grow Basil for whatever reason.

Make your way to the Tower of Merlin inside the Peaceful Meadow area. You just need to take a right from Goofy’s house and go straight for the tower.

Once you reach the Tower of Merlin, start searching the grounds for dark-green plants. Harvest them to get some Basil.


Where to find Oregano in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Like Basil, Oregano is also exclusive to a single area. You will only find Oregano in the Plaza in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Take the flight of stairs near Goofy’s house to enter the Plaza area. You will spot a fountain. Start searching the grounds near the fountain for a light-green plant. Compared to Basil, Oregano plants are taller and you may pass them thinking they are small trees.

There should be at least two Oregano plants near the fountain. The herb spawns randomly across the Plaza area, so you will need to find the third Oregano plant yourself by doing a bit of exploring.

Once you have the required number of ingredients, return to Goofy and cook the meal with him to complete the quest. You will get 180 Star Coins as a reward.

Cooking a meal using Oregano or Basil

You can either give the materials to Goofy after collecting them or you can head back to your own house to prepare dishes on your own. You must have an oven set before you can prepare a meal by yourself. Now you can simply choose one basil and oregano and interact with your oven. Look at the bottom of the screen for the start cooking option.

Importance of Oregano and Basil

You can create different dishes using Oregano and Basil.  Hors d’Oveures is the simplest dish you can prepare using 1x basil and oregano. Do remember to check up on Coal Ores before cooking. If you are out of them, these can be obtained by mining the Rock Spots.

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