Dishonored 2 Runes Locations Guide To Upgrade Abilities, Level Up, Shrines Locations

Dishonored 2 Runes help you upgrade and get new abilities. Dishonored 2 Runes Locations guide will reveal all the locations.

Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

Among other things, there is a handful of Runes spread throughout the game that can be used for upgrades. You need to grab as many Runes a possible in order to master your abilities and grow your character stronger. You can find the runes on Outsider Shrines, buy them from the Black Market, and finding them on maps.

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Dishonored 2 Runes Locations

A Long Day in Dunwell

There is no Rune on this mission.

Edge of the World

Rune #1 – Along the wharf you will find a whale carcass, a rune is inside it.

Rune #2 – A rune can be purchased from the black market in the area.

Rune #3 – Find a rune in the Overseer building canal area. It is on a table near the public speaker.

Rune #4 – Break a wooden plank near the Overseer building canal area where the water is being blocked from coming in.

Rune #5 – The safe inside the Overseer building has a rune inside. For more help on the safe, check out our Safe Locations and Combinations guide.

Rune #6 – There is a small path that leads to a two floor building. The path is just before the canal area, enter the building in question and head to the second floor to find an Outsider Shrine with a rune.

The Good Doctor

Rune #7 – There is a dining hall to the left of the institution, is the near tables with the wall next to it. Defeat the guards before picking it up.

Rune #8 – Reach the fourth floor of the building head to the nearby rooftop via Blink/Far Reach. Move to the window to find the rune.

Rune #9 – Go to the  Recuperation Room on the third floor, take down the bloodfly nest to get the rune.

Rune #10 – Destroy the elevator cables and Blink/Far Reach from the first floor down to the basement to find the rune.

Rune #11 – There is an Outsider Shrine on the fourth floor walkway.

The Clockwork Mansion

Rune #12 – A gang will try to attack you in behind the carriage station. Look for a damage piece of furniture in the yard that contains the rune.

Rune #11 – You can buy  a rune at the black market in the area

Rune #12 – In the Upper Aventa District, enter the Bloodfly building via the second story balcony. Now find a desk at the back to building that has a rune.

Rune #13 – Jindosh’s laboratory has a rune.

Rune #14 – In the main are of this district that is overrun by guards, locate a building near civilians on the left side. There is an Outsider Shrine.

The Royal Conservatory

Rune #15 – You can get a rune from the Black Market.

Rune #16 – There is a room overrun by plants on the second floor of the Conservatory. The rune is inside the room.

Rune #17 – On the roof above Ashworth’s office, two gravehounds are guarding a rune.

Rune #18 – Find the archive key found in the basement and unlock the Archives. You will find a rune in the glass case inside.

Rune #19 – Pass the the first wall of light and locate an Outsider Shrine.

The Dust District

Rune #20 – Meet Captain Foster and drop down from the building and through the door behind. The rune is inside in the locker.

Rune #21 – Near the entrance of the this district, look for a condemned building. Blink to the second floor to find the rune.

Rune #22 – Another rune is inside the evidence room on the second floor in the Overseer building.

Rune #23 – Another rune is on the third floor of Crone’s Hand Saloon. Look for an Outsider Shrine in an office.

Crack in the Slab

Rune #24 – Find a rune on the second floor of the mansion, in a room at the top of the stairs.

Rune #25 – Once you have Valve’s wheel, you need to throw it through a brick wall hole. Use the timepiece to switch to the past and jump through the hole yourself to grab the wheel. Head into the submerged room and attach the wheel to the valve in the room. Drain the water and grab the rune.

Rune #26 – In the mansion, you need to look for a window with a document attached. Go back in time and kill the enemies near the window. Return and go up the vines to find another broken window. Now, go back in time to defeat more enemies and get the rune.

The Grand Palace

Rune #27 – Locate the apartment building with a windmill. It is easy to see if you reach a vantage point. The rune is inside the bathroom.

Rune #28 – Go to the abandoned storage area of the palace. Break the barricade in the garden and move to the bottom. Use the heart to find the rune.

Rune #29 – Leave the black market area from the front and move right up the small grass patch area. Locate the wooden boards, break them to reveal the rune.

Death to the Empress

Rune #30 – A rune is available at the black market merchant.

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