Dishonored 2 Paintings Locations ‘Art Collector Guide

Dishonored 2 Paintings Locations are hard to find but the following guide will help you locate all of the paintings found in the game.

Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

Among other things, there are a handful of Paintings spread throughout the game that can be used to boost your wealth. You need to grab as many Paintings as possible in order to get richer in Dishonored 2.

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Dishonored 2 Paintings Locations

A Long Day in Dunwell

Painting #1 – In the Dunwall Streets, to the right side of the escape corridor.

Edge of the World

Painting #2 – Before you enter the canal area of the map, go to the building down the road, up the second floor to find the painting.

Painting #3 – Go to the third floor of the same building to find another painting.

Painting #4 – Go to Dr.Hypatia’s apartment and find the painting in the main hallway. The apartment is above Winslow Safe Company.

The Good Doctor

Painting #5 – First floor near the wall of light.

Painting #6 – Destroy the elevator cables and Blink/Far Reach from the first floor down to the basement to find the painting on the left wall.

The Clockwork Mansion

Painting #7 – Go to the area where all the civilians are located, Blink/Far Reach to reach the pipes above. Use the same ability to reach the balcony and enter the apartment to grab the painting.

Painting #8 – The painting is inside the mayor’s office; From the Upper Aventa District, walk past the Wall of Light to locate a brown awning. Use Blink/Far Reach to enter the open window above and grab the painting inside.

Painting #9 – Go to the bottom of the Assessment Chamber to the room of Sokolov, the painting is inside.

Painting #10 – Jindosh’s Laboratory has a painting.

Painting #11 – Go to Jindosh’s bathroom on the upper floor to grab another painting.

The Royal Conservatory

Painting #12 – Enter the condemned building after the Wall of Light, find the painting in the room with the safe.

Painting #13 – Breanna Ashworth’s office hosts a painting.

Painting #14 – Go to the basement near the archives and locate the small area above the bookcase. Use Blink/Far Reach to reach the area and grab the painting.

The Dust District

Painting #15 – There are two painting on the upper floor of Crone’s Hand Saloon.

Painting #16 – Go to the fourth floor of Overseer building, locate the destroyed area outside the building to find the painting.

Crack in the Slab

Painting #17 –  Go to the dining room and find the vault door. Travel to the past to enter the door and come back to the present to find the painting.

Painting #18 – Go to the open yard where you can find the Blood-flies. From here, go up the hill to reach the second floor.

Find the window with a document attached and travel back in time to kill a few enemies before coming back to the present. Now, climb the vines and jump over the balcony. Once again, travel back in time to find the painting but you will need to take on a couple of enemies.

The Grand Palace

Painting #19 – Before you come to the  Wall of Light in the main district. Locate the building with the windmill, it is easier to do from a vantage point. Blink/Far Reach below to reach the balcony to find the painting.

Painting #20 – On the palace third floor near a piano.

Painting #21 – Another one is on the same floor in the large office.

Death to the Empress

Painting #22 – Locate a gazebo before entering the Dunwell Tower. Climb onto the left wall, the painting is below and well guarded.

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