Dishonored 2 Devs Are Terrified of Disappointing You, Arkane Studio Talks

We know that Dishonored was a labor of love for Arkane Studios, it was a highly acclaimed game which is why everything about Dishonored 2 from the visual detail potential of Void Engine to the abilities and other gameplay elements are all important for us and them.

Harvey Smith, the co-creative director at Arkane Studios, has been talking a lot about the title with the press, it was him who boasted that the game being set in Carnaca is a dramatic leap forward, and now he was discussing it again in a recent interview.

Whenever you are making a sequel of a highly popular IP, you are either excited or worried about the prospects of going wrong or right. With Dishonored 2, Smith says that they were not only worried but “terrified.” He says:

Dishonored was a great shot in the arm for us, the fan response, the players loving it, players making cosplay and fiction, little short films, doing art for it.. just fantastic for us, just really reinvigorated us. At the same time its terrifying because the possibility of disappointing people who are really invested in your world, they really want your world to be good, they want the world to be good… The pressure up front at the start of the project was really high.

However, he says that they are confident that it is all well now – as we could see even from the reveal trailer. The point here is that with the developers caring so much about not disappointing you, we are sure Dishonored 2 is going to be as loved as Dishonored, maybe even more with double the playable characters.

Smith also says that developers have looked at thousands of opinions and comments from the community before actually developing the game. Which means that the game has been built on a lot of feedback, much more than you know!

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