How to Get Crowmon in Digimon Survive

In this Digimon Survive guide, we’ll be diving into Crowmon, its location, and how to befriend it.

Falcomon Digivolutions in Digimon Survive are among the most useful and excellent creatures and having them on your team is a must. In this Digimon Survive guide, we’ll be diving into Crowmon, its location, and how to befriend it.

Crowmon is described as a Bewitching Bird Digimon and has only three legs with some of the sharpest claws. With its exterior aesthetics, it comes off as one of the most evil-looking Digimon; however, it’s a special creature who chooses the lucky ones to take to El Dorado.

Besides Crowmon being a mystical creature, it is also a strong individual with some of the highest Mobility stats in the game. It serves incredible benefits in the game and is absolutely worth all the efforts to befriend Crowmon.

How to Recruit and Befriend Crowmon

To recruit and befriend Crowmon in Digimon Survive, players must first progress to Part 7 of the game. Once that’s done, players can start looking for Crowmon around the Free Battle areas, and if they are lucky, they might randomly encounter it too.

However, by the time players start looking for Crowmon, there are possibilities that they may have already befriended Falcomon, and through its Digivolutions, players can get themselves Crowmon.

In case you haven’t gotten Falcomon or maybe want another Crowmon, you will be able to recruit Crowmon in the same way how you’ve been befriending other Digimon so far. After a little fighting contest, you’ll have a total of three questions to answer.


Best Answers

Each question will have four options as an answer, but only one of them is the correct answer. Each correct answer grants you two points; you’ll need a few more to be eligible to ask Crowmon to be your friend.

Here are the possible questions Crowmon will ask you and the best answers for them if you want to recruit it.

Q.1 ‘What would you do if someone told you an idea you believed in was incorrect?’

Best Answer: ‘Get Annoyed!’

Q2. ‘I’d like to avoid a pointless battle, if possible…’

Best Answer: ‘Then let’s retreat.’

Q3. ‘Looking at innocent monsters really puts your heart at ease, doesn’t it?’

Best Answer: ‘Not for me, nope.’

Q4: ‘Is wanting quiet time to yourself such a crime?’      

Best Answer: I prefer fun.

Q5: ‘If your friend was off causing trouble, how would you deal with it?’     

Best Answer: ‘I’d protect my friend.’

Q6. ‘How do clouds in the sky look to you?’  

Best Answer: ‘Makes you think, huh?’

Q7: ‘Sometimes you should act on emotion instead of logic, don’t you think?’

Best Answer: ‘Efficiency is key.’

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