How to Get Biyomon in Digimon Survive

Unlike the wildly popular series Pokemon, where you beat a poor pokemon to pulp and then capture it in a small ball, Digimon takes a more humane approach and has you actually befriend the Digimon. Therefore, it’s very important for every Digimon player to know how to make friends with the Digimon they want in the game. This guide will help you befriend one of the cutest Digimon in Digimon Survive, Biyomon.

How to Unlock Biyomon

Though you don’t have access to a lot of Digimon as you start, you get access to new Digimon as you progress through the story. In part 2, you get to meet the bird Digimon, Biyomon. You can encounter Biyomon after you unlock the Free Bat area in the game.

You might need to poke around a bit before you find a Biyomon. Whenever you find a Digimon that you do not want, the only options you have is to either flee from the fight or complete the fight and defeat…or get defeated.

Now that you have found and defeated a Biyomon, you get the option to sit down with the Digimon and have a civilized talk with the Digimon. Select the Biyomon from the list of your foes, and then select the talk option to try to get the Biyomon to join you.

Biyomon Best Answers

Biyomon prefers honest answers, so make sure you don’t lie to the bird when you are answering the questions that the bird will ask. You can try out answering yourself, but since this is a guide, we will just hand over all the questions and the best responses for these questions to you on a plate.

Question: Whenever I meet a scary monster, I just start apologizing. Weird, right?

Best Answer: You’re a scaredy-cat.

Question: Someday I’m gonna run this joint!

Best Answer: Not a chance!

Question: What’s the most important thing to you?

Best Answer: Food!

Question: Why are leaves green?

Best Answer: It’s the chlorophyll.

Question: What do you do for fun?

Best Answer: Tag!

Question: I don’t care how tough you are, I’m not gonna lose!

Best Answer: Nice, so energetic!

Question: Have you ever told a lie?

Best Answer: Never ever.

With all the question and answers here, you also need to ensure that any Digimon that you already have are on a high level so that you can get Biyomon to join you.

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