How to Befriend and Get More Digimon in Digimon Survive

Digimon’s new game, Digimon Survive, is here and you finally have the option to befriend over 100 different Digimon and...

Digimon’s new game, Digimon Survive, is here and you finally have the option to befriend over 100 different Digimon and battle against others with your little friends. Even though you start with only a few Digimon, you can get new Digimon from all around the world. Here, we will help you learn how to befriend and get more Digimon for your team in Digimon Survive.

How to Befriend Digimon in Digimon Survive

The main focus of the game in Digimon Survive is to get more and more Digimon on your team and fight with them against other people in the game.

To get yourself a new Digimon, you need to engage these Digimon in Free Battles. During each free battle, you have the option to talk to these Digimon. As soon as you start a conversation, you are presented with three questions from the Digimon and you get to choose from four responses.

Picking the correct responses will increase Digimon’s affection for you. The affection bar of the Digimon is shown on the top of the screen and you need to fill at least three segments of the affection bar before you are able to invite them to become your friend and ask the Digimon for an Item.

Now, it’s not guaranteed that the Digimon will accept your invitation to become your friend on only three affection bar segments. Other factors also come into play as you invite a Digimon.

Even though having multiple segments in the affection bar do matter and can have a huge impact on whether the Digimon decides to join your team or not, one of the things the new Digimon looks into is the level of the Digimon you already have. Kind of elitist but ok.


So, it doesn’t matter if you have sufficiently weakened the Digimon, the Digimon can reject your advances of friendship if your present Digimon friends are weaker.

If you really want the Digimon, you can always keep on reloading the save files and retrying to befriend the Digimon until they finally break down and agree to join your team. It may be a desperate attempt but it’s better than missing out on a Digimon.

How to Answer the Digimon Questions Correctly

Now that we know that there are questions that you need to answer to increase the affections of a Digimon and add them to your team, there is a possibility that you might even end up reducing the segments on the affection bar.

Since there are four different responses you can choose from, you have four possibilities. You can end up doing either of the following depending on what answer you choose:

  • Increase the affection bar by 2 segments
  • Increase the affection bar by 1 segment
  • Decrease the affection bar by 1 segment
  • Decrease the affection bar by 2 segments

Whatever we do, we do not want to end up reducing the affection bar. Other than that, your Karma will also affect the chances of you actually getting to befriend the Digimon.

Now, Moral answers will increase your success rate with Vaccine type Digimon. Harmony answers will help you with Data type Digimon, and Wrathful answers will increase your success for Virus type Digimon.

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