How to Get Sigil of Dominance in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal’s Cycle of Strife isn’t just a killing-focused PvP activity. The server-wide battle of factions has a lot of complex components involved to decide which side wins. At the heart of all those components is the Sigil of Dominance. In this guide, we will explain what this Sigil is and how to get the Sigil of Dominance in Diablo Immortal.

How to Get Sigil of Dominance in Diablo Immortal

Basically, the Immortals in this game possess the highest powers in terms of fame, wealth and power. The Immortals are ruled by one ruler who is called ‘The Immortal’. The ruler assigns four lieutenants and each lieutenant has a bunch of Immortals working for them.

For another to rule, they will have to reach the top and replace The Immortal by defeating him. But before that, you have to serve as an Immortal first and contribute to the clan to reach a higher level of dominance.

The contribution factor in Clan is the Sigil of Dominance. Sigil of Dominance is basically one of the countless currencies in Diablo Immortal.

When you get into the Immortals, you will have to complete daily tasks assigned to you. On the completion of these tasks, you will be rewarded with Sigil of Dominance.

Sigil of Dominance can also be purchased from the Hilt Trader once you get to at least Immortal Age Bronze IV. Talk to Lieutenant Fizriah in Westmarch to buy Sigil of Dominance from him in exchange for Hilts. He is found in the Northeast of Westmarch, just above the Immortal Overlook Waypoint.

You have to continue farming Sigil of Dominance and contributing it to your faction if you want to ensure that Shadows don’t win the war. If an Immortal player doesn’t contribute, it is highly likely they will be kicked out of the faction by a Lieutenant.

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