Diablo Immortal Realm of Damnation Zone Guide

The final zone to get through in order to obtain the Worldstone Shard in Diablo Immortal is known as the...

The final zone to get through in order to obtain the Worldstone Shard in Diablo Immortal is known as the Realm of Damnation. This is the 8th and the last one to complete. This guide will help you learn everything about Diablo Immortal Realm of Damnation Zone and how to utilize your time in the area.

Realm of Damnation Zone Overview

Players need to be at least at level 56-60 for this zone. This zone, like many others, is filled with numerous adventures, creatures, areas and bosses. The areas you will visit here are enlisted below:

  • Molten Egress
  • Citadel of the Damned
  • Plains of Torment
  • Forest of Misery

There are many bosses, mini-bosses, monsters and creatures that you will confront in this zone as a part of a quest or storyline. There are several dungeons and in fact, The Pit of Anguish has been a new addition to this zone.

Diablo Immortal Realm of Damnation Zone Questline

Once you are done with the Frozen Tundra Questline, the players must reach level 56 to keep going. As you reach level 56, to complete the storyline, you would go to the Realm of Damnation. But if you are below level 56, consider doing the bounties and complete different objectives such as Codex and 3/3 Bestiary ones.

Finish quests as well to progress through levels faster. This zone has a relatively longer Questline which is explained below:

Into The Woods

You need to enter the Damnation Realm. You will encounter monsters as well on the way. Kill them all. Take down the Vrytix (the Aggrieved). A venomous cloud will then cover the forest and you need to leave the forest in the fastest of times but you have to reclaim the Archangel’s Weapon first before leaving.

Light Imprisoned

There will be a very soft voice calling out to you. Follow that voice. It will take you to depth. Verathiel, an ally, actually wants your help. You will face monsters while chasing the voice. Once you get to the Verathiel, talk to him and then search for his lieutenant Mikayel.

Carved in Blood

Now you need to look for a place where Mikayel is imprisoned. Find the prison and enter the cavern. Talk to Mikayel and then kill the Butcher. Use the Butcher’s Cleaver to rescue Mikayel. Devastate the Soul Siphon and then leave the cavern using a portal. Now you need to head towards Skarn’s Citadel and search for the 1st Pit of Ambush.

The Citadel’s Shadow

You have to do lots of killing here. First, launch an attack on the Eye of Skarn. Then take down the Demonic Ambushers immediately. Then you need to take down the Punisher of Sin after choosing a Portal. The Pit of Anguish will be somewhere near. Look for it. Now kill the Demonic Assailants and then blow the Pit of Anguish.

The Desiccated Legion

Make your way to the Hall of Punishments and examine the angelic corpse there. Now, look for Andalon. When you are finding the Andalon, you will have to take down the Purus. Reach out to Andalon but beware the Decimator of Purus will be on his way. Kill him too. Now destroy the Soul Siphon to free the Andalon. Now interact with Andalon.

Within Flames

Now search for the 2nd Pit of Anguish and take down the Siegebreaker Assault Beasts. Destroy the Pit, then.

The Last Lieutenant

Just as you destroy the 2nd Pit of Ambush, the Verathiel could sense the presence of her last lieutenant. The problem is that Shaddox has begun to fade away, so you need to be quick in finding the Shaddox. The Soul Siphon is draining the light of Shaddox so you need to destroy it. Now talk to Shaddox once found.

Lord of Damnation

A Pit of Anguish opens up. A huge demonic Army summons up. The Pit needs to be closed from the inside. Get inside the Pit and explore it a bit. Now you need to kill Abyssal Tiller, Zolthrax and Zaka the Abyssal Worm. After you are done with all of these, reach the Terror’s Fall.

How to Farm Realm of Damnation Zone in Diablo Immortal

There are many ways to earn rewards in this zone. We have enlisted the methods and ways through which you can earn yourself healthy rewards.

Realm of Damnation Zone Codex

There are many codex missions upon completion of which you will get different amounts of Hilts:

  • Zaka – take down Zaka in the Pit of Anguish (100 x Hilts)
  • Demon Gate – defeat demon using a demon gate. (60 x Hilts)
  • Atanas – search Atanas and take it down in the Hall of Punishment. (60 x Hilts)
  • Skarn’s Gaze – take down Salon of Skarn. (100 x Hilts)
  • Lord of Damnation – take down Skarn and recover the worldstone shard. (40 x Hilts)
  • Pillars of Damnation – devastate the pillars of damnation and take down the foes within. (40 x Hilts)
  • Molten Spire – devastate the molten spire and take down the foes within. (40 x Hilts)
  • Map Completion – explore the whole realm of damnation. (40 x Hilts)
  • Hoardric Bestiary – Decipher the following Horadric pages: Glacial Colossus, Rasplet, Glacecull, Dross Eater and Hell Rider. (x Hilts)
  • Hiding in Plain Sight – survive the Old Growth’s Ambush. (40 x Hilts)

Hidden Lairs and Elite Quests

There are a lot of Elite (Blue) Quests and Hidden Lairs present in the Realm of Damnation Zone, but their spawn locations are completely random.

However, you can forcefully make hidden lairs and Elite Quests respawn by clicking on all of the shrines and treasure chest variants you can find in the zone. Whenever you click on one of them, it forces an Elite Quest or Hidden Lair to respawn.

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