Diablo Immortal Needs 30 Million Pre-Registrations To Unlock Freebies

Diablo Immortal now has a pre-registration stretch goal for its early-adoptee bonuses that requires millions of players to band together for a cosmetic set.

According to an email received (via ResetEra) earlier today, developer-publisher Blizzard Entertainment is hoping to see at least 30 million global pre-registrations for Diablo Immortal across all mobile devices.

If the goal is met, players who log into the game in the first month of release will receive the Horadrim cosmetic set “as a thank you for pledging to return justice to Sanctuary”. The email however does not give a preview of the cosmetic set.

“Take up arms with your fellow demon slayers to reach our 30 million global pre-registration goal and unlock the Horadrim Cosmetic Set,” reads the email.

Back in 2015, publisher Square Enix received severe criticism for announcing a pre-order stretch goal for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. There were up to five different tiers and fans were encouraged to help push the stretch goal to unlock various digital goodies and cosmetics. The resulting backlash was enough to convince Square Enix to cancel the controversial stretch goal.

Diablo Immortal will be free to play and hence, those interested in trying out the mobile Diablo experience should not be concerned about bonuses getting locked behind the number of pre-registrations.

That being said, Diablo Immortal will support microtransactions. Blizzard Entertainment has been open about the purchasable content, assuring that the game has been designed to keep purchases “completely optional” and without pay-to-win content.

Diablo Immortal is slated for release on all supported Android and iOS devices somewhere in 2022. The invitational email from Blizzard Entertainment does not mention a specific release date but the publisher is believed to be eying the second half of the year as a release window.

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