Diablo Immortal Gorgothra the Claimer Helliquary Raid Guide

This guide will cover all about the fourth Helliquary Raid boss, “Gorgothra, the Claimer” in Diablo Immortal. We will give...

This guide will cover all about the fourth Helliquary Raid boss, “Gorgothra, the Claimer” in Diablo Immortal. We will give information regarding the boss’s moveset and a sound strategy to defeat him quickly and efficiently.

Gorgothra the Claimer Raid Requirements

To fight Gorgothra, the Claimer, you need to have a combat rating of at least 2935 to start the difficulty 1 Helliquary Raid. For Difficulty 2, you will need a combat rating of at least 4065 to survive in the raid.

After reaching the boss’s location, you will have to first deal with the deceivers around the boss. Stick with your team to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Once you have defeated them, the fight with Gorgothra, the Claimer will begin. The boss has two phases as mentioned below

How to Defeat Gorgothra the Claimer in Diablo Immortal

At the start of the fight, Gorgothra, the Claimer will use Petrification Ray that targets randomly and summons a crystal that chases the target around dealing AOE damage and petrifying its target in the process.

You can avoid that either by running away or using the dodge skill at the moment of impact. If any of your ally are being targeted, steer clear from them since the AOE damage will affect you as well and petrify you if you are not careful.

The 2nd ability the boss has is Bilious Venom. Gorgothra throws a pool of poison circles around the arena that deal poison damage and bounces off from the walls. Stay clear of the ground turned green to avoid poison damage.

Lastly, the basic attack boss usually does is his Serpentine Strikes that you will see mostly. It’s best to stay behind or on either side of the boss to avoid a head-on strike that will put you in a difficult position.

When Gorgothra, the Claimer takes a considerate amount of damage, he will spawn stone statues around the arena. These statues charge up and deal damage petrifying you in the process. The best way to avoid them is to stay away from the statues. After the statues have fired, you can dive back in on the boss and deal damage. Repeat the process until you have defeated the boss.

Gorgothra Rewards

Depending on the Difficulty, you will be rewarded accordingly. However, you will receive the Helliquary Trophy – “Petrified Fang” regardless of the difficulty.

The Attributes of the Petrified Fang are

  • Bonus Attributes: +30 Combat Rating
  • Special Attributes: +10% Critical Hit Chance in Challenge Rifts only


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