How To Disable Chat In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has no offline feature which means a constant slew of messages from random players popping up on your screen every few seconds. If that spam is ruining your experience or you simply want to reduce the noise on your screen, there is an option to disable the Chat Box in Diablo Immortal. The following guide will show you how.

How To Disable Chat Box In Diablo Immortal

To avoid the bombardment of thousands of messages and distractions while playing Diablo Immortal, here’s how you can disable the chat box:

  • Open the Diablo Immortal game on your Phone or Pc
  • Go ahead and make your way to the Settings
  • Head to the setting options on your Left and select Chat
  • Go through all the boxes on the Chat Preview slot and Uncheck the notifications you no longer wish to receive

Once everything is disabled, you will no longer have the Chat distracting you while you’re enjoying your experience. You can also use the Chat Preview Resize option underneath Channels in Chat Preview to resize the Chat Box according to your need.

If you are playing with a clan, party, or Warband, make sure to not disable their respective channels, or else you will not be able to communicate with your friends and allies while running dungeons.

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