Diablo Immortal Best Settings To Play On PC And Mobile

With the right settings, you can gain the upper hand against your enemies in Diablo Immortal as certain settings play...

With the right settings, you can gain the upper hand against your enemies in Diablo Immortal as certain settings play a huge role in maximizing the performance of your character and the over-all gameplay mechanics. In this guide we’ve given the best possible settings to apply when playing Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Best Settings

Before you can apply the best settings, you must know how you can access the Settings section in Diablo Immortal.

You must head to the main menu which lists down the multiple options which you can alter to enhance the performance of your gameplay.

Generally, the in-game settings consist of Language, Sound, and Auto Pick Up which are responsible for the increased quality of the game.

Apart from these, there are other settings as well that can be tweaked to directly impact your in-game activities. Settings such as Gameplay Settings, Graphics Settings, Control Settings, and so on.

Best Gameplay Settings

Probably the best gameplay setting to apply when playing Diablo Immortal is to turn on the Auto Pick Up. While players can easily pick up dropped items, the Auto Pick Up option allows you to automatically pick the most valuable dropped items and filters out the unnecessary loot which have less worth.

Furthermore, to efficiently organize your inventory space, the game provides you with three categories when selecting the Auto Pick Up option: Normal, Magic, and Rare, with each category easily filtering items that you want to pick.

Best Graphics Settings

To get those maximum FPS rates, you must adjust your graphics according to your device’s specs. For players who have a reliable system, it’s recommended to use the highest possible resolution available such as Ultra to get the best experience during combat.

However, if you’re using a lower performance level system (or mobile device for that matter), it’s better to switch to medium resolution since you’ll struggle to receive good and stable frame rates if you’re playing on high resolution with a low-performance device.

We would recommend using the following Settings for a below-average mobile device:

  • Graphics: Low
  • Resolution: Medium
  • Image Sharpening: On

For PC players with a below-average system, the settings given below will help you manage higher frame rates and image sharpening quite smoothly:

  • Frame Rate: 60
  • Resolution: High
  • Image Sharpening: On
  • Graphics Quality: High
  • Anti-Aliasing: Medium
  • Bloom Effect: Off
  • Vegetation Burning Effects: Off
  • Reduce PvP Effects: Off
  • Vertical Sync: Off
  • Quality Selection: Custom
  • Visual Effects: Low
  • Shadows: Low
  • Fog: Low
  • Post Processing: Off
  • Environmental Details: Low
  • Monster Effects: Low
  • Bloom Effect: Off
  • Vegetation Burning Effects: Off
  • Global Lighting: Off

Best Controls/Controller Settings

The default Controller settings for both PC and Mobile should provide high-performance gameplay for both rookies and old-time players, with PC players using a mouse and skilled buttons to control while mobile players have virtual buttons on the right side of their screen.

There’s a newly implemented “WASD” control scheme for PC players which is used for your character movement. For some players, it reduces the accuracy of ranged attacks but for others, it works perfectly. Therefore, it’s recommended to stick to the PC’s default control settings.

As for mobile devices, it’s advised to use a joystick considering how the UI of your mobile is larger in size as compared to a PC. In case you’re playing on a small screen device, you’ll face problems during combat. Therefore, it’s recommended to use an external controller instead.

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