How To Complete Unyielding Flesh Quest In Diablo 4

The Unyielding Flesh in Diablo 4 is one of the many side quests you can complete to get a great weapon. To get this quest, there are ...

The Unyielding Flesh in Diablo 4 is one of the many side quests you can complete to get a rare weapon. To get this quest, there are specific requirements that you need to fulfill. After completing these requirements, you can get this quest by talking to Krystyna.

This guide covers every detail about getting this quest in Diablo 4 and completing it. So all you need to do is follow it, and you will not have any problem completing this quest.

How to start the Unyielding Flesh side quest in Diablo 4

There are a couple of requirements that you need to complete to get this quest. The first one is reaching level 7 in the game. The second requirement is unlocking the path to Yelesna. To unlock this, you need to head to the Kyovashad.

To initiate the quest, you have to arrive in Yelesna Area in Gale Valley Region. There, you have to find a woman named Krystyna in Diablo 4. She will ask your help locating her husband Feodor in the deep forest after he hides with a woman.

How to complete Unyielding Flesh in Diablo 4

After taking the quest, move east and cross the bridge to Zeleny Lowlands. Krystyna will follow you. You will start fighting hoards of mobs there. These mobs are not difficult to kill.

After clearing your way, you will arrive at Gnarled Timbers. After tackling more mobs, head to the middle of Gnarled Timbers, and you will find Feodor chained, and his flesh will be visible.


Now head towards the southeast side; you will meet a woman named Yulia who had seduced Feodor into following her. She is a demon elite called Yulia the Hellbound, featured on the Diablo 4 cover.

Defeat Yulia the Hellbound

After some dialogue, you will start fighting her. As terrifying as she looks, she is pretty easy to defeat. A few blows and some Companion Skills will do the job fine.

After you kill her, she will drop 33x Gold, a ring, and weathered gloves. Now, return to where Feodor is chained. Unfortunately, you cannot save Feodor; he has to die this miserable death. Krystyna has no more feelings for her husband’s fate as he had deceived her for another woman.

Take out the Blood Barbed Dagger from Feodor’s chest to claim it. It’s a rare weapon with decent durability and attack power. After that, your Unyielding Flesh Quest in Diablo 4 will be completed.

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