Diablo 4 Unique Scythes Guide 

Necromancers will pick up unique scythes in Diablo 4 when they play on World Tier 3 and above. These are formidable weapons. Here they are!

Scythes are weapons that are usable only by the Necromancer class in Diablo 4. As you move up in World Tier beyond tier 3 and beyond, you’ll start getting some unique scythes in the game. These are formidable weapons that also have some very beneficial effects on top.

These will make you truly a master of death. As of writing this article, there are only 2 unique scythes in the game. We will look into which unique scythes there are and what they do in D4.

Black River (Necromancer) 

Black River is a unique Scythe that you can get in the class of Necromancer in Diablo 4. It boosts your Corpse Explosion skill by making more corpses blow up and buffs the damage and range of this explosion. You also get a boost to intelligence, life on kill and damage boosts to both healthy enemies and distant enemies.

You will also get additional ranks for your Fueled by Death passive. This is all on top of the base stats meaning you will become quite a threat.

Bloodless Scream (Necromancer) 

Bloodless Scream is another unique Scythe that is only available in the class of Necromancer in Diablo 4. . This adds damage bonuses against frozen and chilled enemies while providing you cold resistance. It will also boost your Darkness damage and give you life on kill.

With this weapon, every time you use your darkness skills on a chilled enemy, you will have a chance to generate additional essence.


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