Diablo 4 Payment Past Due Walkthrough 

In the Payment Past Due side quest, you have to retrieve a lockbox for Nageed in Diablo 4. He, however, isn't telling the truth.

Payment Past due is a simple side quest like many others which can be completed in a few minutes. This side quest will then offer you rewards in the form of renown, gold, experience, and loot. We will now see how to start this side quest and what you have to do to complete it in Diablo 4.

How to start the quest

The side quest payment past due can be started when you visit the village of Tarsarak. Here you will need to talk to a miner which will be to the Southern edge of Tarsarak. His name is Nageed.

In the map below, he is indicated with a yellow curved arrow. When you talk to him, he will tell you that he had worked in the mines with his fellows.

The lockbox location in Payment Past Due.

They were raided by bandits and these bandits have taken everything from them. In these items, there was a box that had the wages of the miners. The miner has the key to the box and asks you to bring him the box and promises you a share of the reward.

How to compete Payment Past Due in Diablo 4

When you have completed the conversation, you will now be instructed to move to the south of the village towards the mines.

The location of the box is indicated by the yellow straight arrow as shown above. Here you will need to look for the box. There will be many enemies so have to choose a strategy before going into the side quest’s zone.


Best choice and outcome

Once you have the lockbox, return to Tarsarak to speak with Nageed to finish Payment Past Due in Diablo 4. What makes this side quest unique is that you are going to be given two choices after speaking with Nageed.

You can either choose to hand over the lockbox without saying much or confront him about lying to you. You are going to get the second, lying option if you found his letter near the lockbox.

You can select either choice without worrying about the outcomes because both dialogue choices give you the same reward.

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