How To Open Mutterlock Chests In Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, Mutterlock Chests appear to resemble silent chests but there are a few differences. You have to mutter a phrase to open them

You may have come across a certain chest with golden locks while grinding through different dungeons in Diablo 4. This chest appears to be like a silent chest but is rarer and shows up when you’re taking on high-difficulty endeavors such as those Nightmare Dungeons. The chest in question is called the Mutterlock Chest.  

You may consider yourself lucky if you find one so make sure to keep an eye out for it. While it appears similar to Silent Chests, you can’t open it with Whispering Keys.

To open the Mutterlock chest you will have select the right phrase from the options given to you. To crack this code, you will then have to explore the dungeon and find the monuments which will give you clues in Latin.  

Then you can piece them together to form the phrase you are looking for in order to unlock the Mutterlock Chest in Diablo 4. 

Opening Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4 

Mutterlock Chest Possible Phrases Diablo 4

After discovering the Mutterlock Chest, you try to open it. It will give you 8 phrases and you have to select the right one to open it.

The problem is that you likely won’t know what the correct phrase is. So instead of taking a chance, you can look for clues that will tell you which phrase to select.


During your exploration, you will also find that there are three monuments which will happen to be the Whispering Stones. These will be found a few rooms away from the Mutterlock Chest if you find them inside a dungeon.

Keep your ears open and listen for the Latin word that is revealed by the disembodied voice when interacting with these monuments. It’s better if you note them down somewhere. Collect all three words to make the phrase and use it on the chest. 

Interact with it and after observing the list of phrases you can simply select the corresponding phrase. This way the Mutterlock Chest will end up turning into a Resplendent Chest in Diablo 4. 

Now the rewards you will receive for opening the Mutterlock Chest will be random but if you’re lucky, you can get some nice Legendary items.  

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