Diablo 4 Lilith’s Lament Boss Guide

Lilith's Lament is a boss that shows up at the end of Act 1 in Diablo 4. This boss has plenty up his sleeve but you'll have help against him.

Lilith’s Lament is the concluding boss fight of Act 1 of Diablo 4. The entirety of the Descent main quest will revolve around the pursuit of Lilith, during which you will eventually face off against her Lament. You need to defeat it to continue your pursuit. 

The fight can prove to be challenging, given his tricky move set. So today, we will help you find and defeat Lilith’s Lament. 

Where to find Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4 

necropolis of the firstborn and lilith's lament map location in Diablo 4

The Descent quest is set inside a dungeon, namely the Necropolis of the Firstborn dungeon. Completing the dungeon will also complete the quest. Defeating Lilith’s Lament is the last objective in the quest after which both it and the dungeon will conclude.  

To get this quest started, you will need to head on over to the dungeon itself. You’ll need to venture to the mountainous, snowy region of Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4.  

Once in this region, the location you should head toward is the Scouring Lands which is where the Necropolis of the Firstborn dungeon is located.

Inside the dungeon, you can begin your pursuit of Lilith, and defeat various enemies along the way. You’ll find your path forward blocked by the Tumors of Hatred a few times which you’ll need to take out.  

You’ll eventually reach the Central Chamber. This is where you’ll encounter Lilith’s Lament and now comes the task of slaying him. 

How to defeat Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4 

Your fight against Lilith’s Lament will heavily rely on your maneuverability and quick movement across the battlefield. The Central Chamber is a vast open area that gives a lot of space to dodge attacks. However, the boss also has a moveset that covers a large area.

The boss fight against Lilith’s Lament will consist of two phases. The first phase of the fight is a breeze the real tricky part begins right after. 

In the first phase of the fight, Lilith’s Lament will use only the first attack in his arsenal which is the Poison Pool. Try to look out for them and counter them as discussed above. 

Now as you continually deplete the boss’s health and drop it below a threshold level, it will use the Sea of Blood which covers a large area. Now you will be aided by the Knight’s Penitent as a barrier is created for your protection. 

During the second phase, Lilith’s Lament will have a few other attacks in his arsenal. He will make a huge swipe at you, release waves of poison at you, and also release orbs of darkness. Use the barrier to tank them or just get out of the way.

Lilith’s Lament rewards and loot 

After you have slain Lilith’s Lament in Diablo 4 you can expect to get a good amount of Gold along with the guaranteed chance of obtaining one Legendary item and one Magic item, each of random rarity. 

You can also get your hands on a Legendary Amulet if you go talk to Vigo.

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