Diablo 4 Fury Against Fate Walkthrough

The Fury Against Fate is a short and easy side quest in Diablo 4 but it has a bug. Here is how to fix the bug and clear the side quest.

Fury against Fate is one of the many side quests in Diablo 4. In this one, you have to help a tribe leader with her errands. The unusual thing about this side quest is that it has a bug that causes everything in the quest to go haywire and stops your progress.

As such, we will be teaching you where to start this side quest, how to complete it, and how to tackle the bug associated with it in D4.  

How to start the quest

diablo 4 fury against fate location map

The side quest Fury against Fate has two prerequisite side quests you need to complete before you start this one. These are Consumed By Pride and Raising Spears. Both of these side quests are given by the same NPC, the tribe leader called Ealda.  

She is located in the Crane Tribe Hutmoot. This is located in the northern part of Untamed Scraps in the Dry Steppes region. This camp is indicated by the yellow circle on the map. 

How to complete Fury Against Fate in Diablo 4 

When you talk to Ealda and start Fury against Fate, she will tell you that you need to take down the cannibals. They will be camping in the Wasting Hollows dungeon. This dungeon is shown on the map marked by the yellow arrow.  

Reach the Wasting Hollows dungeon 

After this conversation, she will go to the Wasting Hollows dungeon. You will also be instructed to meet her at this dungeon. It is towards the east of the campsite. When you enter the dungeon, you will find her accompanied by her warriors. Talk to her and they will charge toward the barrier.  

Destroy the Barrier and kill the cannibals

After the barrier is destroyed, you will find a small group of cannibals. These will start to attack you as soon as the barrier falls. Take them out and then Ealda will construct the spear monument and you can then interact with her. 

Clear out the waves of cannibals  

This will trigger a series of waves of cannibals that will rush toward you. The first wave will be small with regular enemies. The second will be a bit tough with some elite enemies in it. Finally, you will face the boss, Korvog the Carver. This boss will splash poison pools around it, which can quickly eat away at your health bar. 

Take him down and then talk to Ealda and the side quest will be completed. 

Fury Against Fate bug fix

Fury against Fate has a bug that can stop you from progressing the side quest further. This bug activates randomly and can be annoying to deal with.

When you travel to the Wasting Hollows dungeon and talk to Ealda. Here, she will deliver her speech but when she ends it, she and her warriors will not move.

They are supposed to advance ahead but due to the bug, they will not do so. Even if you destroy the barrier and kill all the enemies in the dungeon, she will still not come up and place the monument.

There are a few fixes for this side quest that you can try. First, clear any world events near the Wasting Hollows dungeon.

After completing the world event, you will need to abandon the side quest. This will teleport Ealda back to the Crane Tribe Hutmoot.  

Now you will need to quit the game and start it again. Now go to the camp and start the conversation again.

Head back to the dungeon and talk to Ealda in the dungeon. She will then do as she is supposed to and the quest goes on normally.

If this fix does not work, then you can change World Tiers before you enter the dungeon.  

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