How To Create And Join Clans In Diablo 4

Once you have invest a few hours in Diablo 4, you will start to wonder if you can join or create a clan of your own.

Clans allow players to come together under a single banner to help each other out achieve their goals in Diablo 4.

It is important to know that all players in a single party gain a 10 percent XP boost. If you are only playing near another player, you still get an XP boost but that is reduced to 5 percent.

Hence, joining a clan makes it easier to invite others to form a party to gain a massive amount of levels in a single playthrough. Either that or you get help from your clans against some of the more difficult bosses in Diablo 4.

How to create a clan in Diablo 4

Following are the steps for creating a clan in Diablo 4.

  • Open The Clan Tab from the Map menu and select the “CREATE CLAN” option.
  • A menu will pop up where you can specify your Clan Name and Clan Tag all the details about your clan.
    Note: Clan Name and Clan Tag cannot be changed after creating your clan.
  • After your clan has been created, you will be prompted to invite players to your clan. Your clan can hold up to 150 players in total (including you).

The Clan Tag will be displayed in front of a clan member’s name. It is usually an abbreviation for the clan’s name.

There are three optional fields in the “CREATE CLAN” window. The first one is a “Clan Description”. Here you can specify details about your clan. The description must be within the 300-character limit.


The second option is “Language”. Here you can choose the language of communication in your clan. By default, it is set to “English”.

“Labels” is the third and final step in creating your clan in Diablo 4. You can choose from five different labels that describe your clan’s objective.

For example, if you are looking to level up characters, you can choose the “Leveling” label. This will be helpful for other players who are searching for clans to help them power level.

Remember that you can choose multiple labels.

Customizing your clan’s banner

After your Clan has been created, you can now edit your Clan’s Heraldry. It is the banner that will be displayed with your clan’s name. You can choose plenty of base designs, textures, embroidery, symbols, and dyes to put on the banner from the in-game editor. Your clan labels can also be edited if you want.

The Additional Clan features include internal messages. The internal message includes “Message of the Day” which is limited to 200 characters. This message will be sent out to all the clan members.

The other option is “Clan Information”. Here you can list the Clan’s objectives and agenda. It can also be used to link your clan socials like a Discord server or Twitter page.

The “PERMISSIONS” tab can be used to set the minimum rank requirement to access certain clan features like inviting new players or setting a message of the day.

You can also ban players from your clan by accessing the “BANS” tab. Add a player’s ID to the list to ban them.

You can also make your clan private if you do not want it to show on the search. A private clan can only join through a direct invite from a member of that clan.

How to join a clan in Diablo 4

Following are the steps for joining a Clan.

  • Open the Clan Tab then select the “JOIN A CLAN” option.
  • You will see a list of clans that fit the selected criteria, or you can search for a clan by its name, language, or label.
  • If a clan is open to new members, you can join it directly. Otherwise, a request will be sent to the clan. You will enter the clan once an officer or clan leader accepts your request.

For newer players, we recommend joining an already existing clan instead of creating a new one, that is because joining a clan has no gold or level requirement unlike creating a clan.

While searching for a clan, you can see additional information about the clan on the left panel of the tab. This includes the clan’s Tag, Leader name, Heraldry (banner), date of creation, and total members.

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