Diablo 4 Cellar Locations

Here are all of the 131 Cellar map locations across all five main regions in Diablo 4. You will be farming them a lot in the endgame.

Trying to find all of the Cellar locations in Diablo 4 can be a fairly tedious job, but one you will probably want to do as an endgame activity to clear the map.

Cellars in Diablo 4 follow the same basic idea as a Dungeon but the time and hassle it takes to clear a single one is significantly trimmed down as compared to a Dungeon.

Cellars are scattered all over the Sanctuary and can be easily overlooked if one is not paying attention. That is why we have put together this guide for you to follow and not miss out on any of the fun you might have had while clearing a dark cellar.

Cellar objectives and rewards

To put things into perspective, Cellars are single-objective locations in Diablo 4 unlike their multi-objective counterpart, Dungeons. They take only a matter of minutes to complete.

For the most part, you will be taking on an Elite boss along with its minions. The enemies you will be taking on won’t be a problem if you are reasonably leveled and have a sustainable supply of weapons and spells. Once you clear out the wave of enemies, that will be the end of your mini-adventure.

If you are not taking on hoards of enemies, you will be solving a puzzle that will tingle every part of your brain or will be on your way to completing some objective.

All in all, Cellars are fun, engaging, and probably one of the easiest ways if not the easiest to get your hands on some loot.

Since the number of tasks and objectives of a Cellar are significantly toned down as compared to a Dungeon so is the reward.

Don’t worry, you will get your time’s worth because every Cellar has a guaranteed Chest that could contain gold, crafting materials, or gear.

They are not guaranteed to have rare loot but there are times when you will come across something special that will make your day. There is also XP which is always an upside.

Where to find Cellars in Diablo 4

Cellars are marked with a trapdoor icon on your map in Diablo 4. Keep in mind though that Cellars only appear on your map when you are near them.

There are a total of 131 Cellars scattered across all five main regions in Diablo 4. You can go through their locations below.

Dry Steppes

Dry Steppes is located in the eastern parts of Sanctuary and contains up to 23 Cellar locations in Diablo 4.

Kotama Grasslands, found right below Tur Dulra, has the highest number of Cellars among all sub-regions of Dry Steppes. You can farm five Cellars here in a row.

Every Cellar location in Dry Steppes
LocationCellar Name
1Chambatar RidgeRotting Pit
2 Steamy Chasm
3Dindai FlatsCannibal’s Foothold
4 Monk’s Retreat
5Jakka BasinBlood-Soaked Spence
6Khargia CragsDecrepit Hive
7Kotama GrasslandsArid Tunnel
8 Briny Cavern
9 Cutpurse’s Hoard
10 Fetid Pit
11 Grain Storage
12The Accursed WastesAbandoned Mineshaft
13 Desolate Vault
14 Dark Hollow
15 Dusty Mineshaft
16The Scarred CoastEroded Cove
17 Hinterlands Shelter
18 Seaside Cavern
19Tusmaa RiftAbahru Sinkhole
20Untamed ScarpsBarren Cave
21 Cannibal’s Hold
22 Marauder’s Hideaway
23 Sun-Bleached Excavation

Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks lies opposite Dry Steppes on the western side of Sanctuary. This is your starting region in Diablo 4 which contains a total of 29 Cellar locations.

Cellars map locations in the Fractured Peaks region of Diablo 4
LocationCellar Name
1Desolate HighlandsAbandoned Shack
2Forsaken Mine
3 Frozen Tunnel
4 Haunted Burrow
5Iceworn Cellar
6 Infested Cottage
7Dobrev TaigaDisturbed Grave
8 Flooded Mine
9 Hermit’s Abode
10 Savina Hideout
11Frigid ExpanseBloodstained Cellar
12 Geyser Sinkhole
13 Gruesome Storage
14 Velkhova Inn
15Gale ValleyHowling Den
16 Infested Mill
17 Tsepilova Larder
18Sarkova PassFrosty Mine
19 Icy Grave
20 Gambler’s Hideout
21Seat of the HeavensCollapsed Cavern
22 Saint’s Hideout
23 Saint’s Rest
24The Pallid GladeBitter Cave (Necromancer Only)
25 Blacklung Mine
26Frostbite Delve
27  Lakeside Retreat
28 Oleg’s Hideout
29 Secluded Cabin


Hawezar is nestled in the southeastern corner of Sanctuary. It may be a smaller region compared to others but has one of the highest saturation of Cellars in Diablo 4.

Hawezar is perfect if you want to farm Cellars without having to travel far. There are a total of 30 Cellar locations here, which is roughly four for each sub-region.

Every Cellar map location in Hawezar
LocationCellar Name
1BlightmarshBleak Basement
2 Slimy Cavern
3Strange Refuge
4 Swarmed Mineshaft
5Dismal FoothillsBloodpox Infestation
6 Cinder Shack
7 Feeding Den
8 Mountain Storeroom
9Fethis WetlandsCursed Cabin
10 Dark Catacomb
11 Desecrated Cellar
12 Swamped Hideout
13Forsaken CoastAya’s Hideaway
14 Fetid Hive
15 Tidal Burrow
16 Waterlogged Grave
17Rotspill DeltaDecaying Cavern
18 Flooded Burial Pit
19 Shipwreck Shack
20 Swamp Hovel
21The Writhing MireMire Hideout
22 Sunken Hut
23 Swamp Nest
24 Tormented Pit
25Toxic FensRotting Cave
26 Shoreside Shack
27 Toxic Mine
28Umir PlateauCommandeered Lodge
29 Holy Refuge
30 Rocky Burrow


It is time time to pack your bags and visit Kehjistan which is on the southeastern part of the map.

You will find a total of 26 Cellar locations here spread between five different sub-regions with Amber Sands having the highest concentration of Cellars to explore.

Cellars map locations in the Kehjistan region of Diablo 4
LocationCellar Name
1Amber SandsBlighted Burrow
2 Bone Dust Hollow
3 Festering Tunnel
4 Foul Grotto
5 Maneater’s Lair
6 Ravaged Ruins
7CaldeumCity Armory
8 Derelict Tunnel
9 Knight’s Lodging
10 Penitent Temple
11 The Deserted Textile Shop
12Ragged CoastlineFestering Burrow
13 Forgotten Outpost
14 Ravan’s Folly
15 Sodden Burrow
16Scouring SandsForlorn Cavern
17 Foul Den
18 Groundskeeper’s Shed
19 Hellish Pit
20 Raider’s Mine
21 Rancid Vermin Nest
22 Sandy Ruins
23Southern ExpanseHakans Hot Spring
24 Marauder’s Hideaway
25 Webbed Den
26 Wicked Sanctum


Scosglen forms the northern parts of Sanctuary. It is a vast region with a total of 23 Cellar locations in Diablo 4.

If you are wondering which location you should target first then Strand is the one because it has the highest ratio of Cellars among all the other locations of Scosglen.

Cellars in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4
LocationCellar Name
1Deep ForestFisherman’s Rest
2 Lost Ritual Site
3 Webbed Lode
4Highland WildsHillside Storage
5 Nefarious Hallow
6 Remote Shelter
7NorthshoreForgotten Shack
8 Rotting Outhouse
9 Watery Sinkhole
10StrandAncient Grave
11 Drowned Burrow
12 Garan Undercroft
13 Scorched Cellar
14The DownDecrepit Cellar
15 Disturbed Arachnid Tunnels
16 Wretch’s Stow
17The Emerald ChaseMoldy Cavern
18The Shrouded MoorsInfested Pit
19 Overgrown Outpost
20Wailing HillsAbandoned Cottage
21 Infested Basement
22Westering LowlandsMeat Locker
23 Smuggler’s Underpass

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