Diablo 4 Brought To Heel Walkthrough

Having problems locating the red mushroom? Here is how you can complete the Brought To Heel side quest in Diablo 4.

Brought to Heel is perhaps one of the easiest side quests anyone can manage to complete in Diablo 4. It is found in the Hawezar and during this quest, you are required to find a red mushroom for Lumir.

Despite the quest being straightforward, some players out there are finding it difficult to find the location of the red mushroom. Hence, here is a quick rundown of where that quest item is.

How to start the side quest in Diablo 4

The Brought to Heel side quest in Diablo 4 is given to you by Lumir who is found at the Forsaken Coast area in the Hawezar region. He is found by traveling northeast from the Exiles Heap towards the edge of the dock.

You can easily reach the location by teleporting to the nearest waypoint of Backwater and heading northeast of the area to find Lumir injured by the dock. Talk to him as he assigns you a task to locate a red mushroom to heal his wounds.

How to complete Brought to Hell in Diablo 4

As you interact with Lumir, he asks you to bring wild red mushrooms back to him which are found just outside the walls. Wild red mushrooms are mostly found in minimum numbers making them quite difficult to find if you are not aware of their exact location.

Red Mushroom map location

To find them, you must head over to the northwest of the Exlies Heap. Simply mark the location on the map and find the wild red mushroom on the left side of the Fetid Hive. The mushroom will be next to a corpse sitting at the center of the area.

Where to find the red mushroom in Diablo 4

However, do note that you cannot collect this item while being mounted on your horse. Therefore, you must temporarily dismiss from your mount to grab the wild red mushroom. Once you have collected the wild red mushroom, return to the dock to find Lumir and provide him with the item.

Interacting with Lumir will complete the Brought to Hell side quest in Diablo 4, and you will be rewarded with Gold, Experience, a Herbe Cache, and +20 Renown.

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