Diablo to be Featured on Both Days at BlizzCon 2018, New Diablo 4 Inbound?

Diablo is said to be featured on both days at BlizzCon 2018. Which means that we might finally get to hear about a new instalment in the series.

We are only a month away from Blizzcon 2018 which is the main event held by Blizzard to discuss new games. It’s also the best place for all fans to expect a new Diablo game (Diablo 4 maybe) and according to the Blizzcon 2018 schedule, it’s likely happening.

Blizzard recently published a full schedule of their Blizzcon 2018 convention and what’s noticing was that a panel called “Diablo: What’s Next” will be the main headline after the opening ceremony.

That’s where everyone is expecting to hear about a new Diablo game as it’s seen before that Blizzard usually announces their major titles after the opening ceremony.

Looking at the history, Blizzcon 2013 brought us the expansion for World of Warcraft and Warlords of Draenor. 2014 was the year of Overwatch which is one of the best online games you can play right now.

The list goes on but this time might be finally the time when we see an update on the future of Diablo series. It has been out of the scene for such a long time.

Blizzcon 2018 also looks like the best place to announce the game after the release of Diablo 3 on Switch and that animated Diablo series on Netflix which got leaked.

With hints like Blizzard looking to hire more people to work on an Unannounced project, this might finally be it.

In other news, Netflix animated series of the game has been finally confirmed. It was reported that Hellboy screenwriter and Boom Studios founder, Andrew Cosby were in talks.

It was imminent after the success of Netflix’s previous adoption of Castlevania. Also, Nintendo and Blizzard have finally unveiled the release date for Diablo Eternal Edition on Nintendo Switch. Diablo Eternal Edition will include every single DLC ever released for the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It looks great and runs very well on Nintendo Switch. You can also check out the gameplay of Diablo Eternal Edition on Switch here which was shown during Gamescom 2018.

There are a lot of expectations from Blizzard this year and we really hope that we will get another addition to the series this year so we can enjoy dungeon hunting once again.

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