Diablo 3 Eternal Edition Release Date Revealed, Coming November 2

The Diablo 3 Eternal Edition release date has been released, and players can now get their hands on the game starting on November 2.

Nintendo and Blizzard have finally released the Diablo 3 Eternal Edition release date, so players can expect to fight the forces of Hell starting November 2. This version of the game includes every bit of DLC and every update previously added to other versions of the game on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

The game has already been released to all three of these other platforms before it was able to get to the Switch, but Blizzard isn’t half-assing the port and is instead giving Nintendo players the best version, where they get the game’s whole story and all of its DLC without having to pay an extra cent.

That means that you’ll be getting the Reaper of Souls story expansion where you fight Malthael, the fallen Angel of the Angiris Council, and will be getting two new character classes; the Crusader (which came with the Reaper of Souls DLC) and the Necromancer, who came with their own DLC after originally being absent from Diablo 3 and previously being available to play in Diablo 2.

Along with everything that we’ll be getting by default on the Diablo 3 Eternal Edition release date, Nintendo Switch players will be able to grab a number of different cosmetic items as well, including Majora-inspired wings and a Ganondorf transmogrification for your gear, which will allow you to look like one of Nintendo’s most distinct villains, with an extra flair to boot.

The game has already been shown to play very well on the Switch, and considering how much there is to do in the game and how much there is to grind for the best sorts of gear and with all of the new challenges available, the Switch is the perfect opportunity to play the game and be able to take it on the go.

Once again, the Diablo 3 Eternal Edition release date is coming on November 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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