Diablo 4 Barbarian: Masters Of Battle Quest Guide

If you are leveling up a Barbarian character, you will want to know how to complete his "Masters of Battle" priority quest in Diablo 4.

“Masters of Battle” is the name of a priority quest for the Barbarian class in Diablo 4. These are class-exclusive quests that unlock a specialization skill or feature for the respective class.

For the Barbarian, Masters of Battle unlocks a weapon expertise effect for greater damage in Diablo 4.

Remember that this class may seem a bit weak at the start, but once you complete its priority quest (as well as reach other notable progression goals), the Barbarian becomes a raging machine by going berserk on anyone standing in his path.

How to unlock Masters of Battle in Diablo 4

Similar to the other class-based priority quests, Masters of Battle unlocks automatically once you reach level 15 with a Barbarian in Diablo 4.

Keep in mind that you have to complete this priority quest for every Barbarian character. Completing it once does not mean that you can use its rewards on a newly created Barbarian character as well.

After hitting level 15, make your way to Ked Bardu which resides on the south side of the Kotama Grasslands in Diablo 4.


Similarly, you can also come across this place if you proceed west from the Tusmaa Rift to reach this place as well.

Barbarian: Masters of Battle walkthrough in Diablo 4

Once you get there you need to make your way through the north entrance and then turn left towards the jeweler’s shop and head towards the stable.

Instead of going straight towards it, you can then turn right and proceed towards the Blacksmith which lies towards the south-eastern end of the Ked Bardu Town in Diablo 4.

After approaching that place you will hear a woman calling to you. She will say “You there Barbarian” and hearing that, you can approach her. This is Forgemaster Kerdi and she’s going to give you the Masters of Battle quest in Diablo 4.

Barbarian: Masters of Battle walkthrough

So once you interact with her she will mention you being a child of Arreat in Diablo 4. As you bear no crest, she will tell you about the Oxen tribe and how warriors like you can join it but in order to do that y she will ask you to see Katra.

Meet with Katra

So to find her you will need to go towards the north side of Ked Bardu Town. So you can make your way back the way you came and after finding this second NPC character at the Wayward Plains she will test your mettle.

Kill enemies at the Hunting grounds

To complete Katra’s challenge you will need to go to the hunting grounds and spill enemy blood. This would require you to kill thirty bandits and slay at least twenty wildlife enemies.

So you will find a lot of bandits and beasts alike in that area including Plains Hornet, Marauder, Firebrand, Plague Swarm, and the most irritating ones of them all the Arsonist which can shoot arrows at you in Diablo 4.

Once you eliminate the appointed number of foes then Katra will praise you for surviving the challenge. Then she will mention a nearby cave where you need to go to complete the final test in Diablo 4.

Slay the beast present in the cave

As part of the final challenge there, you will be tasked with bringing back the head of the beast that has plagued that area.

You will find this cave situated on the north side of the Kotama Grasslands in Diablo 4. There Katra will wait at the entrance of the cave whereas you will have to head in and slay the beast. Once inside you will come face to face with the large beast known as “Beast of the Steppes (Elite)” in Diablo 4.

In terms of physical appearance, he will look like a giant boar with a huge set of horns. So you can take your time and deal with this beast in the manner of your choosing.

After you bring its head back to Katra she will exclaim in happiness stating that the ugly beast has finally been dealt with. She will then take the prize back to the forge master Gerti and ask you to return to Ked Bardu. Lastly, she will congratulate you on becoming a part of the Oxen Tribe in Diablo 4.

This way you will be inaugurated as a warrior of the Oxen tribe so go back to meet with the Gerti the Forgemaster in Diablo 4. As usual, follow the same route to reach her in Ked Bardu Town. Upon approaching her she will give you the crest of the Oxen Tribe thus completing the Barbarian Quest Masters of Battle in Diablo 4.

Barbarian: Masters of Battle reward in Diablo 4

So after following the events of this quest and completing it, you will finally be able to join the Oxen tribe. Moreover, after finishing the quest Masters of Battle you will earn a reward as well.

This will come in the form of 11,611 XP along with 1560 Gold. Moreover, you will also unlock a Weapon Technique which will go well with your Barbarian attacks in Diablo 4.

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