How To Assign Skills In Diablo 4

Unlocking new skills in Diablo 4 is just the first step, knowing how to assign them allows you to use skills to tackle different combat...

No ARPG would be complete without a host of skills for players to choose from to craft their ideal builds. Diablo 4 is no exception, offering a plethora of skill choices for each class. However, after unlocking a skill some players might be confused about how to actually use them. Well even if you unlock all the skills, you can only use the ones assigned to your skill bar. That’s where we come in, to explain how to assign skills to your skill bar in Diablo 4.

How to unlock new Skills in Diablo 4

Getting skills in Diablo IV is fairly straightforward but requires effort and patience. Players have to go through different missions and challenges. Gaining EXP through these tasks in Diablo 4 will level up the players and they get 1 skill point per level.

A total of 48 skill points can be gained by leveling and 10 by gaining region-specific Renown rewards. With these skill points, you can open your class-specific skill tree and unlock new skills.

However, appropriate skill assignment is the key here. Assigning skills blindly will only result in loss so at the root level, it depends upon the appropriate assignment by the player.

How to assign skills to the skill bar in Diablo 4

For assigning the skills in Diablo IV, there are a total of 6 six slots available. All of them are not available at the start so players have to unlock them with their progress. After level 7 all the slots are unlocked. These slots are arranged in a bar known as Skill Hotbar.

To assign a particular skill first the players have to activate that skill from the skill tree. Once it is activated, press the “S” key on the keyboard and the dedicated key on the console. A pop menu will appear. This is called the Skill Assignment Menu.

Now to assign the skill from the menu, just drag that skill from the menu into one of the slots at the bottom in the Skills Hotbar.

These are the steps that the players have to do to assign a skill in Diablo IV. Talking a bit deeply about skills, they also have types. They are characterized using different names. Passive skills are one of them. They can be distinguished easily as they have a specific name that is written against the skill name.

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