Diablo 2 Resurrected Sorceress Leveling Guide

This guide will help you with leveling the Sorceress class in Diablo 2 Resurrected including comprehensive details about stats, skills, and gears to invest in. We will help you level the Sorceress from level 1 till the end game gear and talk about class skills respec as well.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Sorceress Leveling

By following this guide, you will be able to effectively level up your Sorceress class and select the best possible gear and skills at each step.

We will also be giving you some useful tips here and there since the Sorceress class in Diablo 2 is a bit tricky to play.

Basic Leveling Tips

Before we head into the recommended skill tree of Sorceress, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to level up this class, especially early on in the game:

  • Use throwable potions, such as Choking Gas Potion, as they dish out incredible damage in the first two acts.
  • Keep an eye out for any items that boost your +Skills.
  • Make sure that while using Frost Nova, your enemies are at a fair distance from you.
  • Focus on using Lightning or Fire skills more when starting out as they are suited for Sorceress when it comes to leveling up.

Sorceress Leveling Skill Tree

Before Level 24: Fire Ball Version

This is a really robust version of Sorceress and when given some defensive buffs, it results in your safest best early on in the game, when playing this class.

So, first off, our character will focus more on the Lightning and Fire Tree, and later on, we will invest some points in the Cold Tree as well. Dump all your points for the first 4 levels into the Lightning tree and level up the ‘Fire Bolt’.

Save up your skill point on Level 5 for the upcoming levels.

Then invest one point each into Static Field and Cold Nova as well. At Level 7-8, invest more points into Static Field.

From Level 9 to 11, invest points in Telekinesis, Frozen Armor, and Fire Bolt.

Reach Level 18 by leveling up your Fire Ball, and then the important thing you need to unlock is ‘Teleport’.

Keep putting points into the Fire Ball skill until you reach Level 24. Add a point into Static Field as well. and then put a point into Fire Mastery. Spend a point into ‘Frozen Armor’ and the rest into ‘Fire Bolt’.

Level 24-75: Blizzard / Meteor Hybrid Version

Later on, you can respec your skills once you are in the end game and make it more focused on the Blizzard / Meteor Hybrid version of Sorceress.

By splitting up your points amongst all the trees of Sorceress, this version aims to reduce your dependency on your Mercenary for overcoming Cold Immunes. However, there will be a noticeable reduction in damage on Blizzard.

Alright, so first, respect your skill points, prior to Level 24, in the following manner:

  • Telekinesis – 1
  • Static Field – 5
  • Teleport – 1
  • Ice Bolt – 1
  • Frozen Armor – 1
  • Ice Blast – 14
  • Glacial Spike – 1
  • Frost Nova – 1
  • Blizzard – 1
  • Cold Mastery – 1

Now, from level 24 onwards, start off by dumping all your points in Blizzard from Level 25-29.

After that, when you reach Level 30, focus on investing points in Blizzard a point in Cold Mastery.

Form Level 31 up to 47, focus solely on Blizzard. Meanwhile, you should dump any skill points, that you gain, from quests into Ice Blast.

Starting from Level 48 up to 53, invest skill points in Fire Mastery, Fire Ball, Blaze, Inferno, and Fire Wall.

Then, by the time you reach Level 67, you should have Meteor maxed out. If you don’t have enough skill points for that, just use any, that you acquire from quests, on it as well.

Finally, from Level 67-75, invest all your skill points in Cold Mastery.


For the Sorceress Class, our main focus is going to be towards pumping out Vitality and Strength.

We recommend spending your early points in Vitality and Strength as reaching 25 Strength allows you to equip Belts on your character that increases your inventory space.

You can also level up the Energy to around 50-60 to have a decent amount of Mana. By the end game, your Energy, Vitality, and Strength need to be leveled up so you can use this build effectively.


For the gear, we will recommend wands and belts that buff your Fire tree skills. The following gear is a good choice for a Normal run:

  • Stealth Armor
  • Leaf Staff ( Provides fire buffs)
  • Bone Wand of Apprentice ( Provides cold buffs)
  • Ancient’s Pledge Shield
  • Hsarus Iron Heel Chain Boots
  • Doom Cord Belt
  • Wraith Coil Ring
  • Stone Eye Ring
  • Blood Fist Heavy Gloves
  • Nadir Helmet
  • Angel’s Amulet

Once you’ve cleared the game on Normal and are looking to move up to Nightmare, you can do a few upgrades like:

  • Crystal Sword ( Guaranteed 4 Sockets)
  • Lore Helmet
  • Smoke Armor
  • Blood Clasp Demonhide Sash
  • Plague Brogues Greaves
  • Grim Knot Ring

This build will comfortably get you through Nightmare, and from there, you can do small changes here and there based on what you see fit and the kind of drops you get.

We have kept the leveling process very simple to make it accessible for new players as well. This is essentially a template you can use to create your Sorceress Class and maybe figure out new ways to play the class.

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