Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Leveling Guide

In this guide, we'll be going over the fundamentals of Necromancer and an in-depth fast process for Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Leveling

In this guide, we will be covering everything that you need to know about leveling the Necromancer Class in the Diablo 2 Resurrected. In this guide, we will go about the builds you’ll be using as a fresh-spawn and the mid-game to boost yourself through to the max level as a Necromancer.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Leveling

Necromancers are a bit tricky to work with initially. However, we’ve got a few recommendations for you in the Skill Tree, Runes, and Gear area that will make the class a viable and formidable foe for your enemies.

Keep in mind, that you’ll have to use at least two of your respecs out of the three available as you set up different Necromancer Builds in different phases of the game.

Level 1-25 Leveling

Starting with the Skill Tree here, firstly you should go with the teeth tree and then we can move to the Bone Spear and Bone Necro. Adhere to this order strictly.

Along with that, you will also dabble in summons and curses but you should stick with the poison and bone spells set for most of the time to level up quickly.

When you are at your first level and moving forward to a higher level. Make sure to invest in Teeth so you can build up damage with it.

The reason there’s a huge focus on leveling up Teeth is that we need to reach a point where we can deal a good amount of damage with it. And you’re going to need to put in a bunch of points before it becomes fiercely deadly.

Additionally, you can chop a wand that has plus two teeth or more. You should have some gold early on to make this happen.

Clay Golem, Iron Maiden and Amplify Damage
At level 13 or 14 you can put a point into clay golem, amplify damage, and iron maiden. This will be very useful for your character as you get to bosses.

This is very important for going toe-to-toe with bosses. You just have to cast the Iron Maiden on them and recast your golem over and over again and they will kill themselves.

Corpse Explosion
Once you are somewhere close to the mid-level you should put the points in the Corpse Explosion which will damage enemies in a bigger range.

For a massive defense boost, this respec is very useful. Area of Effect of a higher skill level Corpse Explosion is big. Let’s take a look at the respec:

Respec Skills

Once you get to the end of act three before getting to Travencoal you should do your first respec. At that point for the first respec, you should put up skill points into the bone spear. You should take it to level 20.

You should also put the points into a bone wall and bone prison and take them to max level as well.

You can put a point in bone armor as well. But bone spear will be your main skill here which will help you in leveling up quickly.

Level 25-75 Leveling

When you are at level 25 you can respec again and get rid of your curses, clay golem, and iron maiden. All the skills you can respec are given below.

  • Clay Golem
  • Bone Armor
  • Bone Wall
  • Teeth
  • Corpse Explosion
  • Bone Spear
  • Bone Prison

You can put some skill points in all of these but you should be focusing more on the bone spear and Corpse Explosion while moving towards the end.


For these classes, you should be focusing more on Vitality. You can put some points into energy as well but most of the focus should be on vitality.

You should spend some points on strength and take it to 25 which will allow you to equip the belt and you’ll get more invenotry space.

When you get to Nightmare you can get stuff like Lore Helm and other useful skills.


While starting the main gear you should be focusing on is a Wand with +2 or +3 bonus to your teeth.

Necromancer Shield
Only use the necromancer Shield and in case you don’t find it don’t use any other shield. You can find a Necromancer Shield with a +x to teeth.

Chipped Gem
Don’t leave any gem since there is a cube recipe that will help you generate a lot of Gold. And for this, you will need 3 Chipped gems and Magic Wand in Hoardric Cube. So don’t miss the Chipped gems.

Rings and Amulets
For Amulets and Rings, the main thing is 10% Faster Cast Rate with other stats like MF, Mana, resistance, and Life.

Stamina Potions
Always have stamina potions in your inventory during the start. This will give you 30 seconds of infinite stamina. You can extend the duration by having multiple potions.

Equip your stealth when you reach level 17.

White Wand Base
You should get the white wand base from the Drognan before level 18.

Helmet with Ral Runes
In act 4, rai Runes and helmet will help you to stay alive till you reach the Nightmare.

Ancients’ Pledge
Keep picking up the Necromancer Shields for the chance of finding the +x Bone spear till you find a good Rhyme base.

Tome of Town Portal and Identify
For a full leveling process keep both of these tomes in your inventory.

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