Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Assassin Build

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to make a Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Assassin Build that is perfect for all things PvE!

The Blade Fury Assassin build in Diablo 2 Resurrected uses the Blade Sentinel line of skills. The main source of DPS for the Bladesin build is heavy-hitting weapons. This guide will go through everything you need to know about the Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Assassin Build.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Blade Fury Assassin Build

Although the Blade Fury Assassin Build is known to be among the weakest Assassin Builds in the game, it can still become a decent option if appropriately geared. So let’s start with the strengths and weaknesses of this build.

Blade Fury Assassin Strengths

  • The Bladesin build has incredible attacking speed, allowing you to clear enemy mobs without losing much time.
  • This build is maxed out on Crushing Blow which can cause massive damage equal to a percentage of your enemy’s life.
  • Can easily damage anything and everything in the game.
  • High resistance to different types of damages in the game.

There are undoubtedly some drawbacks of this build as well.


  • The time lag before Blade Fury begins to shoot can be inconvenient.
  • Requires some extra positional knowledge and skill.
  • Not that good with PvP.

Attribute Distribution

  • Strength: 180
  • Dexterity: 169
  • Vitality: 205
  • Energy: 26


Below is a list of skills you’ll be maxing out on for the Blade Fury Assassin Build.

Dragon Talon +20: This Martial Arts skill is a fantastic way to launch incredibly high kicks with a high attack rating. Not only will you be able to get your enemies out of the way, but it’ll add charged-up bonuses to the kick. This kick is incredible for killing Act Bosses.

You will also get to choose whether you want to finish off the fight with Dragon Talon or some other skill. For that, make sure you have enough attack ratings, or else you won’t be able to finish off that fast. Again, it is best if you stick with Dragon Talon.

Blade Fury +20: As mentioned above, you can use Dragon Talon to kill non-act bosses, but as a Blade Fury Assassin, your specialty lies in killing swarms of enemies. For this purpose, the right skill to use would be Blade Fury. This skill helps you in throwing spinning blades to slice up your enemies with fast speed.

Death Sentry +20: Both of the Skills mentioned above use Death Sentry. Death Sentry will help to explode corpses and cause immense damage to wipe out huge mobs.

Fire Blast +18: If you’re not looking forward to the Lightning Damage that comes with Death Sentry, invest in Fire Blast until you get 18 base points in it. This will grant you the maximum number of shots.

Lightning Sentry +20: You can use Lightning Sentry if Lightning Damage is what you aim for, but remember to put +2 points into Fire Blast for that extra damage. This will provide additional damage of thousands to clear out swarms of enemies, which is not quite bad.

Claw Mastery +20: If you’re going with Claw as your primary hand weapon, you’re going to need Claw Mastery to boost that damage.

Cloak of Shadows +20: Investing points into this skill is worth it as it is pretty powerful. It’ll blind the enemies and reduce their defense. Moreover, it also gives you a defense bonus.

Fade +1: Fade has a hidden attribute that increases physical damage reduction by one percent per level.

Best Gear for Blade Fury Assassin Build in D2 Resurrected

The gear for this build is variable, but since the main focus for a Blade Fury Assassin is going for gear with plus skills and a decent Assassin Weapon, you should see to a similar set-up for yourself from the mentioned gear pieces below.


Fury Suwayyah is a superior blade with a +2 Blade Fury, and it has a 40% increased attack speed, which enhances your kicks and gives you a decent frame rate with your Laying of Hands gloves.

In addition, the “ignore target’s defense” applies to the blade fury, and it plays an essential role in your combat.

Furthermore, the 20% Bonus to Attack Rating and 66% Chance of Open Wounds is incredible.

Keep this in your main hand; otherwise, your damage will be fragile as you don’t get any attack attributes for your off-hand. For the Offhand, you can go for a wrist sword-like Jade Talon.


Moving on to armor, the best option is Fortitude that provides a defense of 1462. The cast rate, damage, and defense on this armor are all very beneficial.


The Guillaume’s Face gives you 35% crushing blow with 30% enhanced damage, which is excellent. The deadly strike and +15 to strength make it a fantastic fit for this build.


The Doom Loop ring is an incredible option with a +102 to attack rating. It is a reliable tool that will help you get some of your Mana back as well.

Another good option would be The Stone of Jordan Ring. This Ring adds +1 to all of your skills and gives +20 great Mana.


A Plague Necklace as an Amulet would do the job for you. It adds a +2 to all your Assassin skills. The Fire, Cold, Poison, and Light Resists on this amulet are all fantastic so this is a suitable Amulet option for the Blade Fury Assassin Build.


Laying of Hands is an excellent glove for this build. It has a 20% increased attack speed and a 350% Damage to Demons. On top of all the attributes, the Fire resist and defense make it an all-rounder glove for this build.

Shadow Dancer are the best boots for this build. They have kick damage of 83 to 149 along with exceptional Durability. They add +2 to shadow disciplines and enhance your running and walking speed by 30%.

These boots also provide you a 30% Faster Hit Recovery. Overall, they are a fantastic option for this build.

For the Belt, Arachnid Mesh is a good choice with its “slows target” ability of 10%. Moreover, it also adds +1 to all of your skills so it’s a good belt to have at your disposal. Another good alternative would be Leech.

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