Diablo Immortal Skeleton King Boss Guide

King Leoric was one of the rulers of Sanctuary before being corrupted by Diablo to become the Skeleton King. He...

King Leoric was one of the rulers of Sanctuary before being corrupted by Diablo to become the Skeleton King. He now rules over the undead and has always been an important encounter throughout the Diablo timeline. Leoric will be your first dungeon boss in Diablo Immortal. The following guide will show you how to reach and defeat the Skeleton King in Diablo Immortal for some useful rewards.

Diablo Immortal Skeleton King Location

The Skeleton King/Leoric can be found in the Mad King’s Breach which will be the first dungeon that you encounter in Diablo Immortal. This will also be part of the early, introductory phase of the game, meaning that you will automatically be guided to the dungeon entrance. You cannot miss it.

You will need to first complete the Masters of Death quest. You will then receive a new quest to enter the Mad King’s Breach and take down the Skeleton King.

You need to be at least level 17 to enter the Mad King’s Breach. Once you have been assigned the quest, head for Ashwold Manor. The entrance to the Mad King’s Breach will be behind the manor at the end of Ashwold Cemetary.

How To Defeat Skeleton King In Diablo Immortal

You will first need to defeat Sir Gorash and Manoruk, the Gatekeeper, as two mini-bosses who are guarding the way to the Skeleton King in the Mad King’s Breach.

Once you are done with Gorash and Manoruk, clear all the groups of enemies on the third floor to force the Skeleton King to spawn at the end of the chamber. This fight should not be hard but there are still a few ways to make it easier.

The Skeleton King Phase 1

During the first phase of the fight, the Skeleton King will swing his giant mace at you. This is a rather clumsy attack and you should be able to easily avoid it by moving out of the way.

For melee classes like the barbarian, monk, and crusader; instead of attacking him from the front, keep strafing to focus on his sides before circling to his back.

For ranged classes like the demon hunter, wizard, and necromancer; maintain distance to keep using ranged attacks. The necromancer can furthermore summon his own undead minions to distract the Skeleton King.

Leoric will also summon skeletal warriors and archers during the first phase of the fight. Make sure to target them first in order to clear up the arena.

Lastly, Lerioc has a pretty powerful mace attack that you should absolutely avoid. You will see him winding up the attack. When he does, move out of his way.

The Skeleton King Phase 2

When his health bar reaches 50 percent, the Skeleton King will enter the second phase of the fight. Lerioc will receive a couple of new attacks during this phase.

In the first one, he will charge you while mounted on a spectral horse. When the horse rears up on its hind legs, you will know that the charge is coming. Hence, quickly move out of the way.

There will be a few seconds after the charge has ended when the Skeleton King will circle around. Use that window of opportunity to land as much damage as possible.

In the second one, Leoric will have his spectral horse stomp you with its front legs. This attack should not bother ranged players. However, melee players will need to keep an eye out because getting stomped will leave you temporarily stunned.

Lastly, there is another thing that players should be aware of during the second phase. Lerioc will surround the arena with a wall of blue flames that deal lethal damage to players who stand close. In addition, the spectral flaming wall will close in to converge in the center. If you are not quick to kill the Skeleton King, you will be consumed by the flames.

Diablo Immortal Skeleton King Drops

The Skeleton King will drop some gold and equipment the first time you defeat him as part of the opening narrative of the game. The drops you receive here are not actually important.

You can later return to take on Leoric once again at higher difficulty levels to complete your Set Items. The following are the Set Items that you can grind out of the Skeleton King at the mentioned difficulty levels:

  • Bloody Hand (glove) – Hell 1+
  • Fairfleet (ring) – Hell 2+
  • Issatar at Rest (amulet) – Hell 2+
  • Luminary’s Urge (glove) – Hell 1+
  • Shepherd and Mother (ring) – Hell 2+
  • Storm-Tack of Shal’baas (belt) – Hell 1+

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