Devil May Cry 5 Leaked! Reveal Expected at E3 2016

According to the resume of a voice actor, Devil May Cry 5 is in development; the game might actually get announced at E3 2016!

We know you have had this gut feeling before, and so have we… only this time, it is coupled by a developer’s claim that Devil May Cry 5 is indeed real and in development. Guess what, this won’t even be the first solid hint we have had for the game.

Only three months ago, we had covered a story on actors Reuben Langdon and Johnny Bosch who were seen dressed up for motion capture on an unknown game. The duo was last seen together in Devil May Cry 4, and this sparked major rumors that the next iteration in the series could be secretly in development.

This time around, we have a more solid evidence.

While Reuben Langdon and Johnny Bosch had not told us what game they were motion capturing for, another voice actor named Nils Hognestad has gone a step further to include the game in his resume!

Devil May Cry 5 Coming to E3 2016?

What’s more Hognestad says in his resume that he is playing a lead role in the game. He is a Norwegian actor who has previously starred in some TV shows. He has been seen a couple of times in Once Upon a Time where he plays the role of Franz as well as in Backpackers where he plays as Mitchell.

His is not a very expansive resume when it comes to video games, but he explicitly mentioned Devil May Cry 5 on it before quickly removing it. Actually, the fact that he removed it right after it started to get the public eye suggests that Capcom might actually be gearing up to unveil the game officially at the event.

We have covered what you can expect from Sony and Microsoft at E3 2016, and will be doing the same for other companies including Capcom as well. Check back in a while for a detailed rundown on all the rumors and predictions.

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