These Developers Are Confirmed to Work on PlayStation 5 Games, Exclusives or Not

We have made a complete list of developers that have confirmed to be working on PlayStation 5/PS5 games whether it's one of the exclusives or not.

PlayStation 5 rumors are now more than just common, every other day we hear something new about it whether it’s regarding games, exclusives, developers behind it or its release date.

Rumors are that PlayStation 5 is going to release sometime in 2019. We yet don’t know about any exclusives that will be available at launch so we decided to look out for all of the developers who have revealed through job listings or interviews that they are working on creating a next-gen game for PlayStation 5.

Below we will be listing some of the big developers out there who are working on some PlayStation 5 games whether exclusives or not

Square Enix

Starting with their latest and new studio called Luminous Productions. This new Luminous Production recently got restructured which resulted in a big loss for the company. As revealed by its 3D graphics director, the Luminous studio has been now retasked to work on a brand new AAA title for upcoming PS5 and it’s most likely to be an exclusive too.


Black Ops 4 was indeed a hit but what’s more interesting is that another big studio of the Call Of Duty franchise, Infinity Ward is working on a next-gen title. Other developers of Call Of Duty that is Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games have taken their turns in last two years to make games so the next up in line is Infinity Ward.

Infinity Ward recently posted a job listing revealing that they are working on a cross-gen game. Next Call of Duty game is going to release next year sometime in November so that could also turn out to be one of the launch title games for PlayStation 5. Another interesting thing is that IW also made Call Of Duty Ghosts which was also a cross-gen game. It was originally released on PS3 but was also released on PS4 so the studio does have the experience to make games for two different gen at a time already.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO of Polyphony has also hinted at a possible Gran Turismo game in works for PlayStation 5 and it’s a Sony exclusive so seeing it at launch won’t be a surprise.

Kazunori Yamauchi mentioned that the last Gran Turismo game was over specced for PS4 Pro so they are building some future versions of the console which confirms that another Gran Turismo awaits us in the list of PS5 exclusives.

Bandai Namco Entertainment (Supermassive Games)

Level integrator at Supermassive, Sunny Mody revealed through his LinkedIn profile that she’s working on an unannounced AAA game for next-gen PlayStation 5 Sony console which pretty confirms that it’s on its way. Until Dawn was a hit and one of the most unique games ever so seeing it also in the list of PlayStation 5 exclusives is a big possibility.

Bethesda Softworks

Starfield, as you might already know was announced way early and it’s surely coming on the next-gen PlayStation 5. Todd Howard has also confirmed that Starfield is a next-gen exclusive title.

Defiant Studios

The developers behind Lords of the Fallen 2 are also working on a game for the next-gen console. They are hiring for multiple positions including a graphics programmer who will work on a “groundbreaking original AAA IP for next-generation platforms”.

Warner Bros Studios (Rocksteady Studios)

Rocksteady Studios, amazing developers who you might remember for their great series of Batman games are also hiring for multiple roles on their website. They are hiring for positions to work on a next-gen AAA title which is definitely going to arrive on PlayStation 5 and next-gen consoles. This game could also be that long-awaited “Superman” game but we can’t confirm anything yet.

Amazon Game Studios (Double Helix)

Double Helix which is now Amazon Games Studios is also reportedly working on a next-gen action shooter game. They have worked on previous games Silent Hill: Homecoming, Killer Instinct, and Strider so seeing them to be one of the launch titles for PlayStation 5 is a very big possibility.

High Impact Games

The studio behind one of the hit games, Ratchet & Clank Size Matters also seems to be working on a next-gen title. A sound designer at the studio mentioned that he’s working on an unannounced title for a next-gen console which got removed shortly. Now, this pretty much also confirms that they are working on a game for PlayStation 5.

Now that’s all we know as of yet. PlayStation 5 release date seems to be closing in faster than ever before. An insider has also confirmed that the release date for PS5 is set for 2019. It’s also said to run at 4K resolution with 60 FPS and is going to have a low price point which is going to be everything a PlayStation fan ever wanted.

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