Developer Says DualSense Haptics Will Let You Feel Rain, Weather

Mike Bithel, who made Thomas Was Alone, has gone on record saying that DualSense haptics will let you become more immersed in a game with things like rain.

Haptic feedback from controllers has become more and more important in recent years, and the DualSense controller that will apparently be used with the Playstation 5 is no exception to that. Mike Bithel, developer of “Thomas Was Alone”, said that DualSense haptics will even let you feel the weather in a game.

Haptic feedback is greatly important in video games because it can help you feel more immersed in the game, such as the controller rumbling when the ground begins to shake or in the case of the DualShock 4 controller having a speaker where audio can be played through.

According to the presentation of Unreal Engine 5 that happened last week, the engine, and likely many other pieces of video game technology in the future, will have the process of foley (where sounds are recorded to be put in appropriate spots) entirely changed.

Unreal Engine 5, for instance, would only need the sound sample of a single raindrop, and from there each raindrop would become its own event, with the game scaling up the raindrops and the sound of rain accordingly. Such things would likely be addressed by the DualSense haptics.

While we haven’t seen anything about the games that Playstation will be showing us about the Playstation 5, there is at least plenty of speculation and sneak peeks being given about the sort of technology we’ll be seeing when Playstation does decide to show us things.

Either way, allowing more immersion into video games is always a good thing, as it helps you to get more invested in the game and its environment and thus connect more with what you’re playing. While we don’t know exactly how the DualSense haptics will work, we can only hope they live up to expectations.

We have no idea of when Sony will show off the Playstation 5 or any of the games that are going to be on it, but there are a number of rumors of when that is going to happen. Either way, the console will be coming out in the holidays of this year.

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