Quantum Error Might Use DualSense’s Haptic Feedback To “Intensify Moments”

Quantum Error remains in active development as a first-person cosmic horror game for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, as pointed out in a recent interview, developer TeamKill Media is focusing on the next-generation console in order to make Quantum Error an early launch offering for PlayStation 5.

In that regard, the reveal of DualSense has already given TeamKill Media a few ideas as to how to “intensify moments” in Quantum Error by using the haptic feedback features of the new wireless controller.

When asked about a comment, the developer expressed excitement over the possibilities offered by DualSense. TeamKill Media particularly noted how in Quantum Error, players could feel the triggers push back with increased tension while prying open a door with a halligan bar.

The new controller is super exciting. The thing we are most excited about is the haptic feedback possibilities. Especially having it in the triggers as it will allow us to intensify moments in a game that before wouldn’t have that type of feel to it. In the case of our game maybe we would add it to a part where need to pry a door open with a halligan bar and as you do the feedback intensifies and fights against you.

The firefighter protagonist will be able to choose from a variety of skills ranging from using a gas mask to traverse toxic areas to opening secret areas for loot with forcible entry tools. In the weaponry department, Quantum Error already has nearly a dozen different weapons for players to arm themselves with.

Quantum Error will be a purely story-driven single-player campaign. The developer though, is looking into giving choices at certain junctions of the storyline that will have consequences. Overall, the campaign will last between 15 – 20 hours.

Quantum Error is among the first exclusives to be announced for PlayStation 5. TeamKill Media will be dropping more details in the coming months but for now, wants everyone to know that Quantum Error is being developed for players who loved games like Dead Space, Doom 3, Fear, and Resident Evil 7. Forthcoming gameplay footage will make it clearer if that claim holds true.

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