Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach Mode Guide – Tips and Strategies

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach Mode Guide to walk you through the additional game mode in the game and earn rewards and other goodies.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach Mode is a separate playable section where players are in the shoes of a different, persistent character instead of Adam Jensen. Throughout the mode, players undertake different missions to earn XP and Praxis for their credits.

The sole purpose of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach mode is to have endless replayability with a grinding curve for better and better gear, acquired through Booster Pack purchases instead of as drops found in the game.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach Mode Guide

There are special bonuses for completing missions for the first time as well as completing some special side objectives. They way players approach them is up to them, however simple head on approach and constantly grinding same missions won’t get them a lot of rewards and it is better to be strategic. Long range weapons are useful as ranged attacks earn more points compared to up close kills

Our Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach Mode Guide details everything you need to know about the separate game mode:


Depending on the server players are infiltrating, there can be different objectives they have to complete in order to be successful. The servers themselves belong to different corporations, each with their own strength and weaknesses. Tarvos Security, gray in color, require a mixture of stealth and combat gameplay while Versalife are all about fast movement and verticality.


Steiner-Bisley GMBH servers, orange in color, on the other hand force players to go all out and use every weapon at their disposal or dispatch enemies while ensuring they survive every fight.

All three of these servers are further divided into four major objectives; Extract, Eliminate, Collect and Boss. Extract is the most common and as the name suggests, players have to infiltrate, steal data a set amount of data and then extract it. Eliminate requires players to reach a certain kill count after which they can leave the server to complete the mission.

Collect requires players to find and pick up a specific number of data fragments on the ground, some of them hidden behind objects or inside some gaps.

Boss as expected send players off to kill a significantly challenging enemy which require a lot of power and planning and to kill. Extra weapons and survivability augmentations can be really useful here as sometimes, a Boss can have high damage output instead of high health so players need to survive against them instead of focusing on dishing out damage.

There are other additional, optional objectives in Breach mode called Darknet Files. Players get a decent reward every time they complete a Darknet File.


Depending on the objective and the server players are trying to breach, the opposition and hazards they will face in Breach mode can be different and range from drones and sentries to heavy units and turrets. Most of those enemies can’t call in any backup so players don’t have to worry about raising any alarms if they go in guns blazing. To best survive against multiple enemies, players should always keep some extra special ammunition handy as it is really effective against enemies like drones.

Once an area is cleared of enemies, if players stay there for too long more reinforcements will eventually come in and will be slightly powerful than the ones defeated earlier. Players can learn more about each enemy by pointing at them and then devise their strategy.

Sentinels are humanoid patrollers with ranged weapons and chances of some armor. Headshots and takedowns are highly effective against them as well as stun ammo used with long range weapons, except against Sniper sentinels where it is best to rush them. Pistol carrying sentinels also carry grenades with them so they must be engaged at a distance.

Heavies are mostly present as bosses on longer missions. Stun and AP ammo is effective against them as well as weapons with high burst damage such as Devastator or any automatic shotgun. Heavies can also be stunned and then instantly killed with a Takedown.

Drones can be easily disabled by using EMP ammo or simply through Remote Hacking. On the other hand, Turrets require players to destroy them at long range using a sniper rifle or similar accurate long range weapons. Shotguns with EMP ammo can disable them for a short while at close range. If a turret is unaware of the player, it can also be hacked.

Laser Fences come in different types, Red that activates alarm, Orange that damages players if they move through them and Blue that drains energy. They can all be disabled by Remote Hacking. Similar to lasers, there are hazard fields on the ground as well. Red fields drain health as long as players stand on them while Blue drain energy. Best way to counter these fields is to jump over them or drop some block on which the player can stand.


Player loadout can consist of ammo, weapons, augmentations as well as “cheats” that can help them in Breach missions if they feel a certain objective is too difficult for them. Apart from acquiring these as rewards for completing objectives, players can also unlock them with purchases from the Breach store. Every item bought or earned has a rarity value too ranging from common “C” to extremely rare “S”. The rarer an item is, the higher will be its states and it will have a unique look as well.

When players first starting playing Breach, it is best to try and acquire as many Standard Packs as possible from the store, each one costing 6,000 and gives 5 random items up to “B” rarity. This way players can fill out their loadout quickly so that completing missions is easier and then they can start saving for the expensive ones.

Augmentations are easily accessible by spending Praxis, costing 1-4 Praxis each. The only way to acquire Praxis in-game (if you don’t buy them for real money) is by leveling up or as random drops from packs purchased by credits. This is why in order to level up faster, players should grind fast and simple missions so they can rack up those experience points. Grinding might not be good for credits but it is for XP and every time player levels up, they get some Praxis to spend.

Cheats (Modifiers menu) alter the server players are breaching in such a way that objectives are easier to accomplish and difficulty is lowered considerably. These are best used when players are attempting speed runs. On the other hand, Patches make the servers more challenging so players can acquire a lot of points for completing them. Since these modifiers are consumables, players should stock up a lot of them before using them.

Players should also stock up on a lot of ammo of various types for all their weapons. AP ammo works great against most targets, including bosses, as it deals a lot of damage while others are a bit more specialized like EMP ammo which disables robots, drones, turrets and cameras but deals 10% less damage.

Biocells, Hypostims, grenades and mine consumables round up player’s loadout. Before starting any mission, players should ensure they have a few Biocells and Hypostims slotted in their loadout as they can be very useful in tough spots.


Completing goals in a mission and extracting successfully rewards players with multiple items as well as some credits for repeating each mission:

  • High Score: Rewards players with a free Score Pack
  • Speedrun: Gives weapon parts, ability parts or credits
  • Full extraction: Extracting all the data on the server rewards with key fragments or credits
  • Daily Completion Bonus: Successfully finishing each mission, every day gives huge amount of credits
  • First Time Bonus: Completing a mission for the first time gives a huge credit bonus

Score can also be increased by using Patches to stack up score multipliers. However, difficulty will also increase with patches so players need to make sure they play slow and methodically and have a lot of hypostims and biocells available. Enemies killed by headshots give bonus points so long range accurate weapons are useful.

AI Evolution

At multiple points in their Breach mode progression, players will trigger an AI evolution which will improve the AI cores in the servers they are trying to breach. Every time a player completes a server breach, their play style ends up racking them XP for each of the three AI cores and when they reach the limit for one core, that core evolves and makes their job difficult the next time.

Whenever a core evolves or moves to a new software version, a gameplay effect is applied to all the levels within the Breach. This upgrade also improves the score multiplier and players receive extra XP when finishing a mission with an evolved AI core.

The 3 different types of cores have different effects on the gameplay:

  • Damage core’s evolution amps up enemy damage and other changes that can kill a player faster
  • Defense improves the defenses against Breaching players
  • Delay slows down player infiltration by obstacles and other such means

Players can use Nuke Virus, found in Booster Packs, to downgrade an AI core however that will also downgrade their boosted score multiplier.


After the option has been unlocked, players can see a list of challenges available from the VR Map Screen from where players can select multiple challenges, or see the tasks they have been challenged to perform by other players. A challenge can be attempted up to 3 times within five days, failing all of them will result in the challenge disappearing.

In the case of received or sent challenges, if the challenge target is met, the receiver gets special Booster Pack. If all three challenge tries are exhausted and result in a failure, the sender gets a Booster Pack and the receiver earns an “Attempt” pack. If, however a player refuses to accept the challenge, the sender gets an “Attempt” pack.

Sending a challenge to another player requires some progression on the sender’s own Breach mode. Once that option is available, a maximum of 3 challenges can be sent per day.

This is all we have on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Breach Mode Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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