Detroit Become Human Runs At Native 4K On PS4 Pro, Says Art Director

UPDATE: Sony has clarified that Detroit Become Human will not run a native 4K on PS4 Pro but, will be rendered at checkerboard 4K.

Detroit Become Human is another one of PlayStation 4 exclusive to launch this year and with the release of PS4 Pro, devs are trying to take full advantage of its extra power and developer Quantic Dream has confirmed that Detroit BEcome Human will run at native 4K on PS4 Pro.

This is according to art director Christophe Brusseaux who revealed in a recent interview with IGN that the PS4 Pro allowed the studio to render Detroit Become Human at native 4K.

It will be interesting to see if PS4 Pro would be able to render the game at Native 4K as the console is currently having a hard time running God Of War in 4K mode.

While the 4K mode for God Of War on PS4 Pro does improves the image quality using checkerboard 4K rendering but, it fails to maintain a steady 30 FPS while in combat and exploration.

Speaking of the game, it will feature 3 times more choices compared to Heavy Rain. According to David Cage, there are so many alternate paths that two people might face a scenario where one is talking about its experience and the other doesn’t have a clue about what he/she is saying.

He further noted that the choices that players will face will not be simply good or bad, violent or pacifist but, the choices will have a deeper impact where players will have to follow their own morality paths.

Furthermore, he noted that the team removed some scenes from Detroit: Become Human because of their extremely controversial nature.

I canceled a couple of scenes where I felt the meaning could be interpreted wrongly. It was a very interesting thing for me because it made me realize that with Detroit: Become Human, that we are dealing with very meaningful things and that you need to be careful and be respectful and pay attention to what you have to say.

Detroit: Become Human is a story driven game in development at Quantic Dreams and will launch on May 25, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: IGN

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