Destiny’s Xur Agent of the Nine Locations and Items for This Weekend

Destiny's exotic items vendor Xur Agent of the Nine is back. Here is the location where you can find him and the items he is selling.

One of the awaited things in Destiny is Xur Agent of the Nine, the exotic items vendor who comes and goes freely. He visits the game every weekend however, not all of the fans are aware of his location and the items that he is selling every week.

So here we are with everything you need to know about the exotic armor, exotic weapons and/ or one time use items that he might be selling.

If you are looking for him to buy something, he will be hidden in the tower as always. You will find him on the right ledge side in from of the speaker’s room. Check out the image above for the exact spot (image courtesy: DualShockers).

The default times at which Xur comes are at 9:00 AM every Friday, he stays for two days and leaves after exactly 48 hours i.e. on Sunday at 9:00AM. You might also check out our guide regarding the locations and visit timings of Xur Agent of the Nine for more information.

A total of four items are being sold by Xur Agent of the Nine. Check them out below and see if there is anything that you would want to get your hands on:

  • Helm of Inmost Light (Class Titan – Helm, Defense 311/402, Light +21, Strength +88)
  • Lucky Raspberry (Class Hunter – Chest, Defense 339/439, Light +21, Intellect +100)
  • Voldfang Vestments (Class Warlock – Chest, Defense 339/439, Light +21, Strength +111)
  • Ice Breaker (All Classes, Type Sniper Rifle, Attack 260/300, Magazine 6)

For those who don’t know, items being sold by Xur Agent of the Nine can be purchased by Strange Coins. Here’s how you can get more of those.

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