How to Get Destiny Strange Coins – Xûr Location and Visit Time

How to get Destiny Strange Coins. Xûr vendor location and visiting time detailed to help you get Exotic Weapons and Armor easily.

Strange Coin is another form of currency in the world of Destiny and is used to make purchases from special vendors like Xûr, Agent of the Nine who appears after every week. The in-game description of the strange coin reads:

This unusual coin is warm to the touch and vibrates gently in your hand.

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Xûr, Agent of the Nine primarily deals in exotic armour pieces and exotic weapons. Each piece of exotic armour requires 13 strange coins and each exotic weapon and engram costs a total of 23 strange coins.

Visit Time: Xûr comes to Tower hub at 9:00 am every Friday and leaves at 9:00 am every Sunday.

He also deals in one-time use items that increase the weapon progression speed for about half an hour for 1 strange coin and various upgrades for sparrow for 13 strange coins.

Note: At any given time, you can only have one piece of exotic armour and one exotic weapon equipped.

Now, the real question that now arises is how to earn these strange coins? One thing that I’m aware of is that the strange coins are extremely rare drops and it would be nice if Bungie increases the drop rate a little.

Coming back to the question, strange coins can be earned by completing different public events, crucible PVP matches, as random finds in different gold loot chests, and from decrypted rare [blue] and legendary [purple] engrams.

However, none of the methods posted above do not have a hundred per cent drop rate. It is even possible that you may not find any strange coins from these activities which lead us to a more concrete method:

Weekly heroic strikes; these strikes are unlocked at level 20 along with daily heroic strikes. These highly customizable and difficult versions of regular strikes are reset every weekend and grant three strange coins, vanguard reputation, and vanguard marks upon completion.

Note: Daily heroic strikes do not yield any strange coins.

Other than this, there is not any concrete method that I’m aware of, that rewards strange coins.

If you have discovered any Strange Coins farming method, let the community know in the comments below!

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