Destiny Post Level 20 PvP and PvE Activities: Raids, Light Leveling, Farming

In Destiny, the experience points acquired by completing missions, participating in PVP combat and killing mobs stop contributing to your character level – though it does contribute to improvement of weapons and character abilities.

However, this certainly doesn’t mean that the game ends after a character reaches level 20. Instead, it begins to open up more horizons, content and new challenges past level 20.

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Light LevelingLeveling Tips
After level 20, the character levelling gets associated with an attribute called ‘light’. This specific attribute is available on some pieces of equipment like armour and weapon – only on legendary equipment and high level gear though [Thanks, Ronnoc for the tip]. Similar to other attributes, ‘light’ is a measurable stat which can be enhanced by developing that particular piece of equipment.

Note: Do note that legendary equipment can only be acquired once a character has reached level 20.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some content after level 20 requires you to have a certain ‘light’ level, say 24. In the next section, I’ve provided some of the vendors who sell level 20 legendary equipment.

Level 20 Equipment Selling VendorsWeapons and Armor
There are a total of seven vendors who sell level 20 legendary equipment, according to my knowledge. All seven of these vendors are listed below:

  • Vanguard Quartermaster
  • Class-locked Vanguard
  • Crucible Quartermaster
  • Crucible Handler
  • Dead Orbit
  • Future War Cult
  • New Monarchy

Vanguard Reputation and MarksVanguard Marks and Reputation
Vanguard reputation and marks are required to make purchases from the vanguard quartermaster and class-restricted vanguard. Here’s a quick rundown of how to earn vanguard reputation and marks.

After level 18, a strike playlist is unlocked in the orbit comprising of every strike mission from all the planets. In this strike playlist, there is level 18 strike, level 20 strike, level 22 strike, and level 24 strike missions; requiring a fireteam of three people.

Vanguard marks are earned by completing these strikes in the playlist:

  • Level 18 strike = no marks
  • Level 20 strike = 2 marks
  • Level 22 strike = 4 marks
  • Level 24 strike = 6 marks

In addition to this, at level 20, weekly/daily heroic strikes are also unlocked. These highly customizable weekly strikes are reset every week on Tuesday and reward 3 marks and 3 strange coins upon completion.

Tip: One player can only accumulate 100 vanguard marks per week.

Coming to vanguard reputation points, these are earned by completing weekly heroic strikes, strikes in the strike playlist, patrol missions, and vanguard bounties.

Crucible Reputation and MarksCrucible Marks and Reputation
These are used to make purchases from the crucible quartermaster and crucible handler. These marks and reputation points are simpler to earn and require you to complete and/or win crucible matches. Similar to the vanguard marks, you can only accumulate a hundred marks per week.

Faction ReputationFaction Reputation
After level 20, class-restricted faction gear becomes available which when equipped converts vanguard reputation into faction reputation.

For the sake of simplicity, everything that gives you vanguard reputation will convert into faction reputation when equipped with faction gear. The factions in Destiny are dead orbit, future war cult, and new monarchy.

Rare Material
After level 20, the rare material accumulated from different planets will show its true usage. Rare material which can be found on different planets includes:

  • Earth = Spinmetal
  • Mars = Relic Iron
  • Moon = Helium Filaments
  • Venus = Spirit Bloom

You need to gather fifty of any of these rare materials and head over to either crucible quartermaster or vanguard quartermaster and trade them for reputation points or marks.

In addition to this, you also get strange coins after level 20 which are used to purchase exotic items from a vendor who only appears weekly, called Xur, Agent of the Nine.

Raids are end-game content which can only be played with a group of six friends – no random matchmaking is allowed. These are said to be the most difficult content in Destiny and will be refreshed every week.

As of this instant, there are no raids available, but the first one to unlock is going to be the Vault of Glass on Venus. This is pretty much everything you can do after reaching level 20 in Destiny.

Crucible Multiplayer
You can endlessly play Crucible multiplayer and enjoy different game modes.

Nightfall Activities
These may be the same story missions you have played before but at a higher difficulty. They will really challenge your Skills with your guardian and upon completion, give you sweet Vanguard Rewards.

Weekly Strike Missions
Weekly Strike Missions unlock and rotate randomly for Level 20 Guardians. They are insanely difficult and reward Vanguard Marks upon completion.

If there’s something else you would like me to add, share it in the comments below!

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