Destiny Earth Story Missions Walkthrough Guide

Earth serves as the initial leveling zone and story area for Guardians in Destiny.

The Earth as everyone knew it is no longer and following the arrival of Darkness; the place is a wasteland and filled with the Fallen and the Hive enemy races.

The place not only serves as leveling zone but also a way to earn money by farming the Spinmetal Leaves scattered throughout the area and selling them later.

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Destiny Earth Story Missions

A total of four Story missions take place on earth starting from level 2 until the player is around level 5 or 6.

All the missions are pretty simple and have players traveling from one location to another gathering information while killing enemies in the way and acquiring new tools.

Restoration – Level #2

Restoration takes place in Steppes of Old Russia and happens immediately after their first visit to The Tower. Players are faced off against the Fallen as they hunt for a Warp Drive, which will allow them to travel between planets.

There is a crash site near the place where players start the mission, on the other side of a rock formation. The objective is to check the place out for salvageable parts, which would help the players in upgrading their ship.

The crash site is surrounded by Fallen Dregs, Vandals and Shanks, which can be easily killed, although their respawn time (the time until more enemies arrive from dropship) is pretty low.

Once the surrounding area around the ship is cleared, players can approach the crash and deploy Ghost to scan it.

After the scan is complete, players have to find the old Cosmodrome Network which would help them locate a warp drive which should have been in the crashed ship.

By the time Ghost completes his scan of the crash, a dropship has already deployed more Fallen so players have to take them out and proceed to a nearby building.

The NavPoint will guide them to go to the basement and find the Information Hub which is located in the far room. There are a few Fallen in the basement, but they are easy to kill.

Scanning the hub guides’ players to Dock 13 where the warp drive is located. It is also the place from where they first acquired their drop ship and is likely crawling with enemies.

Now that players are outside of the basement, the objective will guide them to turn right and head over to a building near the end of Steppes. There are a lot of enemies in the area so taking cover occasionally is a good strategy.

While the way to Dock 13 is a public zone, and players can see other players moving around and doing their quests, Dock 13 itself is a Darkness Zone where only members of a Fireteam can go together.

If someone dies in there, they are moved back to the starting of the area. Once inside Dock 13, players will have to kill a few enemies already present there, which should be pretty easy to do since they are low level ones.

When all the enemies are dead, Ghost will warn players of the boss and Riksis, Archon of the Fallen House of Devils will show up with a lot more enemies.

While the normal enemies are easy to defeat, Riksis does a decent amount of damage if the player doesn’t dodge and take cover or gets too close (Riksis does a stomp attack which will knock players back while doing a lot of damage).

The Vandals supporting Riksis are reinforced once his health reaches 70% and then 40%.

Having killed Rikis and all the other Fallen are dead, the timer to mission ending starts so this would be a good time to start collecting all the dropped loot.

After the timer expires, players are taken to the Orbit and get an objective to talk to The Speaker on The Tower.

The Dark Within – Level #3

The Dark Within is a level 3 story mission which once starts from the Steppes in Old Russia. This time players will also be facing the Hive along with the Fallen enemies.

The first objective will have players go to a Skywatch in Mothyards.

Players are spawned near the entrance to Mothyards so travelling shouldn’t be a problem, they just have to cross the Ravine and move past the crashed airplanes to reach a hill.

The entrance to building is guarded by a Fallen Captain and 2 Vandals and that is where they have to go. Defeating them should be easy if the cover is properly utilized.

The rooms in the building will have a few Fallen in them, but they are easy to kill. Going forward, the players will encounter a door which is sealed shut.

Ghost can be deployed to open the door.

The next area, Lunar Complex, is a Darkness Zone, so there won’t be any respawns in the area. Players should be cautious as they head up the stairs because a battle is raging between the Fallen and Hive.

As soon as the players reach the room after the stairs, they will be attacked by some Hive Thralls so it’s better to have Primary Weapon ready.

Alternatively, players can also wait a bit until the Hive enemies kill all the Fallen. Once the initial rooms are clear, Ghost will warn the players of a Hive Wizard up ahead.

Gotra, the Hive Wizard is the boss of this mission and can be really challenging since he also spawns Thralls after short intervals and is well protected by his acolytes who are scattered across the room.

The Hive enemies close to the entrance of the room where Gotra is can be easily killed from a safe distance so that the herd is thinned.

To end this battle quickly, players should focus on Gotra but also keep an eye out for smaller enemies just in case so that they don’t end up being swarmed. Gotra is protected by a shield which can be easily taken down by using Special Abilities.

The main thing to watch out during this fight is the black smoke cloud which Gotra creates.

The cloud heals other Hive enemies and poisons and slows down Guardians caught in it. While the poison damage isn’t really much, the slow speed can allow other enemies to swarm the Guardian and win the fight.

Once the wizard is defeated, it’s time to collect the loot and leave the place. One of the loot items, Warding Claws can be exchanged at the players Vanguard for an armor of their choice.

The Warmind – Level #4

The Warmind will once again send players to Old Russia in search for something the Fallen are trying to acquire. The mission starts with players spawning in the Steppes and have to make their way to the Mothyards.

A small shack on the left will mark their objective. Deploying Ghost at an information panel in, there will grant them access to their very own vehicle, a Sparrow ‘hoverbike’.

After getting the Sparrow, players have to drive it to an area past the crashed airplanes in Mothyard to the Forgotten Shores where there is a lot of enemy activity.

There are two amplifiers in this area, which need to be scanned for players to learn what the Fallen are planning. One of the amplifiers is on a broken-down ship and is pretty easy to get to if players have unlocked the double jump skill.

The 2nd amplifier is in a broken down building farther down the coast. Both locations are swarming with enemies including Captains so it’s a good idea to kill a few of them from distance.

After both amplifiers are hacked, players have to infiltrate the Skywatch which is on top of a nearby hill in the Terrestrial Complex. Skywatch is a Darkness Zone filled with enemies, including Captains so players have to stay on guard at all times.

Moving through the building and up a staircase, players will reach the main room where Fallen are trying to hack into some old Earth technology.

This is where they first encounter a new type of enemy, Stealth Vandals. They are cloaked and are dual wielding swords with the usual high speed of Vandals.

Getting too close to Stealth Vandals can be a bad idea if the number of enemies is high. Stealth Vandals are pretty easy to spot because of the shimmering of their cloak.

Once the enemies are dead, players have to hack into a machine which begins a ‘holdout’ moment where waves of enemies try to kill players and take control of the machine.

There are 3 waves in total all with Captains, Dregs, Vandals and Shanks. Taking cover and focusing on weaker enemies is a key here. If enough smaller enemies die, the Captains retreat to a corner in the room and can be killed easily from distance.

Wave 3 also introduces a new enemy, the Servitors, who are big orbs of black/blue light. Servitors can fire bomb-like projectiles as well as strengthen nearby Fallen.

Staying on the move, taking cover and focusing on the ‘eye’ in the middle of a Servitor is the best way to kill them.

Now that all three waves are complete and Ghost has hacked into the machine, players have to destroy it by shooting at the upper exposed region. Once the machine is destroyed, the Mission End timer begins.

The Last Array – Level #5

The Last Array is the 4th and final Story mission on Earth and takes place in Mothyards where players will be encountering both the Fallen and the Hive.

Players have to once again enter the Lunar Complex.

Following a patch upstairs will lead them to a room which was previously a Darkness Zone. At the top of the stairs, Hive Acolytes will be fighting Fallen.

Players can choose to wait a bit and let them kill each other off or take part in the action and get experience by killing both sides of enemies.

A Captain is also present in the area. Once all the enemies are dead, players have to follow a narrow corridor to get outside and reach the Skywatch.

The Fallen and Hive battles continue in this open area where players are tasked with a new objective; kill Fallen Vandals and take other Ghosts from their dead bodies.

After collecting a few Ghosts which are useless, players eventually find one, which has some of its data intact.

The next part of the mission will have players fight their way to a building on the right in the Terrestrial Complex and make their way to a control station.

The building is a Darkness Zone occupied by Dregs and Vandals.

Players have to move through the building killing enemies and emerge on the other side, where many more enemies, including Captains await them so it’s a good idea to kill some of them from a distance while inside the building.

After all the enemies are dead, players can deploy Ghost at the control station nearby which begins another ‘holdout’ sequence to survive against waves of enemies.

The first wave will have players fighting some Hive enemies dropped in from a ship. Taking cover is a key here since the ship fires while the enemies are being dropped to the ground.

The Hive forces consist of a Wizard and some Thralls. It’s a good idea to kill the Thralls first before they can swarm the players and then focus on the Wizard.

Wave Two of the sequence will put players against some Acolytes, Thralls and a new enemy, Cleaver Knight. Cleaver Knight is slow so players can focus on Thralls and Acolytes first and finish them off.

Once everything else is dead, the Cleaver Knight should be easy to kill if players keep their distance and attack with a high-powered gun. The Cleaver Knight does a lot of melee damage and can even heal itself by putting up a wall of darkness.

The Third Wave introduces another new enemy, the Hallowed Knight who is armed with a very powerful gun and has a high amount of health. Accompanying the Hallowed Knight is an army of Thralls and Acolytes.

The best way to take down the Knight is by first taking care of the weaker enemies and then focusing on the Knight with the player’s special abilities and high-powered weapons.

Having finished all the waves, the Mission End timer will start after players return to Ghost. The next objective is to go to The Tower and speak to the Gunsmith to receive a heavy weapon reward.

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