Destiny Guide to The Tower, Item Vendors, Currency and Factions

Located in The City, the last populated place on Earth, The Tower serves as a social and non-combat zone for Guardians where they can turn in quests, view their mail, buy stuff from vendors and interact with other human players (a total of 16 Guardians can be present in one instance of The Tower).

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Destiny Guide – The Tower, Vendors, Factions

For those who want to see how their Guardians look in the real world with their new equipment, The Tower is the best place since the camera moves to a third person view here.

First Visit to The Tower

Access to The Tower is unlocked after the player successfully completes the tutorial mission and flies away on their newly acquired jump ship. On their first visit to the area, players have to talk to a few people to get geared up and be ready to fight the Darkness.

The Tower is divided into six Zones with each zone having its own unique vendors and faction members:

  • Tower Watch
  • Tower Plaza
  • Hall of Guardians
  • Tower North
  • Traveller’s Walk
  • Tower Hangar

When the players first arrive at The Tower, they start off from the Tower Watch.

The objective is simple, talk to the Vanguard. While the NavPoint should be pretty easy to follow, some players might get confused as to which floor they are supposed to go.

Simply walk straight from the starting point, past the Postmaster there will be a flight of stairs leading downwards.

Those stairs and the following hallway lead to the Vanguard where each class (Titan, Hunter and Warlock) will have its separate Vanguard NPC ready to reward players with a new armor.

Once the new armor is equipped, another objective will direct players to talk to the Gunsmith in the Tower Plaza for new weapons.

Tower Plaza is located between the Vanguard room and Tower Watch, so players just have to go back to where they came from and the Gunsmith can be seen in the Southeast area. He presents players with the choice of 4 weapons.

Now that both the new armor and weapons have been equipped, players have to go get their ship from the Shipwright.

The Shipwright is located in the Tower Hangar which can be accessed through Tower Watch. Talking to the Shipwright grants players the Arcadia Class Jumpship.

Now that they have their ship, players can easily travel between The Tower and other locations such as Moon or Earth.

Currency and Factions in The Tower

The Tower not only allows players to meet other players and form their Fireteams but also to take on various tasks and spend their hard earned money or tokens.

Glimmer serves as the main currency to purchase weapons, armors or even Bounties and can be earned by completing objectives or selling items.

Glimmer is shared across all the characters on an account.

Bounties can be acquired from the Tower Plaza to get bonus experience as well as Vanguard or Crucible tokens.

The objectives of Bounties are pretty simple and involve grinding and farming in the case of PvE Bounties which grant players Vanguard Marks while killing other Guardians in PvP matches grants Crucible Marks.

Each type of Bounty has its separate Reputation as well which unlocks powerful equipment.

Vanguard Marks can only be earned by players with at least a level 18 character through high level Strikes, Daily and Weekly Heroic activities or exchanging items with the Vanguard Quartermaster.

The maximum limit of Vanguard Marks that can be earned in a week is 100.

Crucible Marks serve as the currency for higher quality equipment and can be earned through high level Crucible PvP matches or exchanging items with the Crucible Quartermaster. \

Crucible Marks also require at least a level 18 character and the weekly limit is 100.

Throughout their journey, players will come across Engrams which requir decoding. These can be decoded by the Cryptarch NPC in the Tower Plaza.

Decoding Engrams improves Reputation with the NPC and allows for purchase of higher quality Engrams.

Mote of Light is obtained by players as they continue to gain experience after level 20. The motes can be used to purchase Legendary Gear from The Speaker who is located in the Tower North.

When players reach level 20, they can become part of a faction within the game and wear cloaks and marks bearing their faction’s logo.

Two of the factions, Dead Orbit and Future War Cult can be found in the Tower Hangar while the third, New Monarchy is in Tower North.

The Tower Vendors

Gunsmith Banshee-44 can be found in the Tower Plaza and has a variety of guns available suited for the player’s level.

He also sells Ammo Synthesis, Special Ammo Synthesis and Heavy Ammo Synthesis which upon use replenish the ammo of the weapon type they are for with a 5 minute cooldown. Glimmer is the only currency acceptable here.

Master Rahool is the Cryptarch who sells and decodes Engrams in exchange for Glimmer. He also buys various Artificats in exchange for Glimmer.

Bounty Tracker
Xander 99-40 provides players with Bounties as well as rewards upon completion.

Kadi 55-30 serves as the Postmaster robot which allows players to read or send mail as well as receive special assignments.

Special Orders
Tess Everis provides some specialty items acquired from faraway places.

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