Destiny 2 Best PVP and PvE Weapons Guide

The following Destiny 2 weapons guide will discuss weapons that are best suited for PvP and PvE. Thus, helping you decide which weapons to equip.

If somehow you were able to access the servers of Destiny 2, you may be confused and overwhelmed by so many weapon options, types, perks etc. There are auto rifles, pulse rifles, shotguns, handguns, grenades and what not. For someone new to the universe of Destiny so many options can become overwhelming.

The following Destiny 2 weapons guide will discuss weapons that are best suited for PvP and PvE. Thus, helping you decide which weapons to equip before heading into battle with AI or enemy players.

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Destiny 2 Weapons Guides

Auto Rifles probably the most popular weapon type among Guardians. Players like auto rifles for many reasons including their fire rate. They are also pretty easy to handle and can help rack up a decent kill count. For example, weapons like the Sweet Business can throw up to 100 bullets at the enemy without having to reload, amazing kill potential. Auto Rifles are pretty destructive if you are able to land your shots with a steady hand.

However, auto rifles lack precision and tend to fall off at a distance. At a distance, a scout rifle can do much more damage. If hit in the right spot, they can do one-shot kills. Auto Rifles may not do enough damage for you to compete in a strike or a raid. At close, they are very effective, but still not as much as one would hope for. Auto Rifles can do damage but they are average in the grand scheme of things – be it PvP or PvE.

But since you can have a Kinetic weapon and an Energy weapon, you can have a great scout rifle and a hand cannon to go with your Auto Rifle. So if you are in a situation where Auto Rifle isn’t useful, long range engagement, for example, switch to a different weapon.

We would recommend using a Hand Cannon in PvE modes as they provide a lot of impacts, weaker enemies will fall with one hit more often than not. Hand Cannons are best close range weapons for PvE and PvE if you can understand your range.

Hand Cannons and Pulse Rifles are the best combinations for PvP. Pulse Rifle has extended range and is somewhere in the middle of a Hand Connon and a Scout Rifle. If you are engaging an enemy up close with a hand cannon and run out of ammo and have to switch to a Pulse Rifle, it can hold its own at close range even though it is most effective at mid to long range (not too long though).

If you are PvE player, then we recommend the Hand Cannon and Scout Rifle combo. Consider the Scout Rifle a long range Hand Cannon. If shots one round and does a massive amount of damage. It is tough to handle at close range but if are good with quick-scoping, this is your weapon of choice.

It is best when dealing snipers and when engaging enemies from a distance as your team rushes. Look for a Scout Rifle that you enjoy using and pair it with your favorite hand cannon for PvE.

Meanwhile, the small size of PvP maps favors SMGs.

You either go for a Hand Cannon and an SMGs combo for PvP or if you like high fire rates, a combo of an SMG and an Auto Rifle isn’t a bad choice. Fusion Rifles, on the other hand, are pretty good at clearing out the enemies in PvE. Meanwhile, they are most powerful weapons you can use in PvP.

So mix and match based on your playstyle.

This was our Destiny 2 Weapons Guide if you have any questions take to the comments below.

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