Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations Guide – Lost Sector Chests, How to Find Chest Keys

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations Guide to help you find all the available Lost Sectors in the game that contain excellent loot and enemies.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations Guide to help you find all the available Lost Sectors in the game. During the course of your journey through the world of Destiny 2, you should easily be able to tell that a Lost Sector is nearby by seeing a white archway symbol drawn on object including but not limited to doors, bridges, rocks, etc.

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 are a brand new feature that basically promise excellent rewards, provided that you manage to put down all adversaries in your path and emerge victorious to claim your reward. Therefore, whenever you come across a symbol described above, make sure to explore the area around to find a secret entrance.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors are scattered all around the world but most of them are located in the EDZ. Once inside a Lost Sector, you will come across a series of corridors, tunnels, and places to explore not to mention a battalion of enemies and Elite at the end. This Elite has the key that lets you unlock a Lost Sector Chest that contains impressive rewards.

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Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations Guide

In our Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations Guide, we have shared the location of every Lost Sector that you can possibly find in Destiny’s sequel.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations

European Dead Zone Lost Sectors

Lost Sector #1
Location: Atrium
Found inside the church with Devrim. Drop down into the church and head towards the exit. Head down the stairs from the symbol on the right-hand side to kill the enemies and find the loot.

Lost Sector #2
Location: Terminus East
From the previous one, head out the church and proceed towards the truck. Slip under the shutter near the truck.

Lost Sector #3
Location: Widows Walk
From the previous Lost Sector, continue along the road on the left-hand side. A little ahead, enter the structure with a blue board above it. Once inside, head right to find it.

Lost Sector #4
Location: Scavengers Den
Enter the area to drop down from the water. Once down, circle around to see the entrance.

Lost Sector #5
Location: The Drain
Get to the large area with water and statues. Continue ahead by sticking to your right-hand side to see a ruin. From the area, drop into the water and find the entrance on the right-hand side.

Lost Sector #6
Location: Whispered Falls
Head to the northwest edge of the area to see the entrance below a massive rock.

Winding Cove
Lost Sector #7
Location: The Weep
From the previous Lost Sector, head south and you should see a sign on a rock.

Lost Sector #8
Location: Flooded Chasm
You should come across a small bridge in the Winding Cove. The entrance is right under the bridge, on the north side. You should see the symbol on a rock from the bridge.

The Sludge
Lost Sector #9
Location: Hallowed Grove
You need to head inside the cave located on the northeast edge of the River to get to the Lost Sector.

Lost Sector #10
Location: Cavern of Souls
You need to head below the central derelict structure with a few Cabal outside to find the Lost Sector.

Lost Sector #11
Location: Shaft 13
You need to head to the eastern warehouse perimeter with some Cabal nearby to find the Lost Sector.

Firebase Hades
Lost Sector #12
Location: The Pit
You will find this inside a connecting corridor that leads to a large two-tiered storage bay.

Lost Sector #13
Location: Excavation Site XII
The entrance to this Lost Sector is on the upper grassy ledge of the eastern wooded area.

Lost Sector #14
Location: Pathfinder’s Crash
This one is also located on the eastern wooded side of the Sector but is accessed from the ground level.

Sunken Isles
Lost Sector #15
Location: Skydock IV
You enter the area from the Carrier Bay Tunnel. After going through a few corridors, you will enemies pouring in.

Lost Sector #16
Location: The Quarry
You will find this one in the east side of the Sector. You should be able to enter from a gap in the rock outgrowth.

Titan Lost Sectors

Siren’s Watch
Lost Sector #17
Location: Methane Flush
You need to head deep down in the superstructure of Siren’s Watch to find the entrance infested by Hive.

The Rig
Lost Sector #18
Location: Cargo Bay 3
It is directly under the Upper Deck Platform. To find it, head to the northeast edge of the map and walk on the ledge before making a jump to broken gentry. You will also find a Regional Chest nearby.

Lost Sector #19
Location: DS Quarters-2
To enter the Lost Sector, you need to head to the north wall of the main central chamber from the Hive Chamber. After a while, you will enter the Cargo Bay 7 that is your destination.

Nessus Lost Sectors

Artifact’s Edge
Lost Sector #20
Location: The Orrery
You need to head to the northern edge of the Sector with a Hobgoblin nearby.

The Tangle
Lost Sector #21
Location: Ancient’s Haunt
You will find a narrow rocky tunnel located near plenty of red-hued trees and other plants that should lead you to the Lost Sector.

The Cistern
Lost Sector #22
Location: The Conflux
You need to head to the western edge of the Sector where you will find the Lost Sector under a massive tree.

Glade of Echoes
Lost Sector #23
Location: The Carrion Pit
You need to head to the middle of the Sector where plenty of wrecked platforms are located. The entrance is among these platforms but expect a few enemies outside.

Exodus Black
Lost Sector #24
Location: The Void
You need to head to the western perimeter wall in order to finding a small opening that should lead you to the Lost Sector.

Io Lost Sectors

Lost Oasis
Lost Sector #25
Location: Grove of Ulan-Tan
You need to head to the northwest edge of the Lost Oasis where you will find a cave leading you to the Lost Sector.

The Rupture
Lost Sector #26
Location: Sanctum of Bones
You need to take the north road near the Asher Mir that should lead you a natural rocky grotto where the Lost Sector is.

Lost Sector #27
Location: Aphix Conduit
You need to head to the southeast corner of the Sector to find a cavern among Goblin-infested rocks that should take you to the final Lost Sector in the game.

This is all we have in our Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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