Destiny 2 Vex Transformer Locations Guide

Destiny 2’s next season is out; the Season of Dawn. From time travel to fighting vex, as we will explain...

Destiny 2’s next season is out; the Season of Dawn. From time travel to fighting vex, as we will explain in the Destiny 2 Vex Transformer Locations guide below, and cabal you will find yourself engaging in various activities throughout the solar system.

During your fight with the vex throughout the journey has complicated a few things back at Mercury in terms of time. With time broken, you are tasked to put things back the way they were and to preserve the timeline before it goes haywire.

Destiny 2 Vex Transformer Locations

You will find yourself engaging in battles through Osiris’ time machine known as the Sundial, which is also the name of the game-mode you will be playing to earn various rewards.

We also have all the details about the Sundial Arena activity for you. Once you unlock the Perfect Paradox gun you will unlock a quest known as  ”Vex Transformers.”

The objective of the mentioned quest is to shoot the 15 Vex Transformers found scattered throughout three planets; Mercury, Nessus and Io.

These ‘transformers’ look like white cubes which are put away in secret on the previously mentioned location; to save you time we have precisely defined the location of each transformer on all the three planets in our guide.

Mercury Vex Transformers

Behind the Lighthouse
You can find this transformer on the back of the Lighthouse, go ahead and climb up the Lighthouse outside where you will find a linear path leading up. Once you get up around half-way, you will find the transformer hugging the wall of the lighthouse.

The Chasm
Head South and then East from your previous Transformer (Lighthouse). You do not need to wait for the towers in order to get the transformer. If you look towards the edge of the map towards the tower to the east, you will be able to see the transformer in the center which you can destroy using any ranged weapon.

The Waterfall
When I say Waterfall, you probably have already figured out where this one is. The classic behind the Waterfall cliché. Go to the center of the map where you will find a Vex Hydra and Harpies along with a few Cabal enemies next to the Radiolarian waterfall.

Go towards the pond of the waterfall where you will see a wall just behind the waterfall; walk to the side of it to find a gap where you can destroy the transformer.

On top of the Infinite Forest Gate
You can find this one pretty easily as it is located on top of the gate of the Infinite Forest. The big triangular monument. Aim with a ranged weapon and get rid of it. You can do this pretty much from anywhere on the map.

The Edge – West side of the map
You can find this transformer on the west side of the map. Drop down to the small ledge below and look for the transformer peaking its head slightly from the wall.


Exodus Black
Go to the Exodus Black transmat zone and go east into the tunnel where you will see a Vex gate and a few enemies. Look up to find the vex transformer.

Glade of Echoes
Go to the Glade of Echoes, using your sparrow and go to the center. Head to the metal piece hanging on the ground connected to the path-way. You will find the transformer tucked away underneath.

Near Artifact’s Edge
Go to the Artifact’s Edge transmat zone and simply turn around 180 degrees where you will find the transformer lying out of bounds on the flat plane. Use a ranged weapon to destroy it.

In the Hallows
Now go to the Hallows where you will be heading into the cistern. Go through the tunnel following the marker and watch the wall on the left side. You will find the transformer in a small corner. Easy to miss if you are a little hasty.

The Tangle
The final transformer for Nessus can be found under the tree. Follow the marker and you might not be able to locate said transformer, but it is actually under a tree covered in red vines and moss. Go under and destroy the cube.


The last planet for Destiny 2 Vex Transformers locations

Go to the transmat zone in The Rupture next to Asher Mir and then go south alongside the West wall to the marker on your map where you will notice a big column stretching down. Go behind it and simply look straight up to find the transformer.

Circle of Bones
Go to the Circle of Bones Lost Sector which can be found north of The Rupture transmat zone. Proceed normally through the Lost Sector until you have to climb onto the rock in the center.

Beware and do not jump to the end just yet but look left for a small tunnel next to the main path. Go in there and you should be able to find a transformer waiting to be shot at.

Lost Oasis
Go to the Lost Oasis where you will find the marker on top of our favorite giant tree in the center. Go there and behind the stump; then simply look up and destroy the transformer lying in the open.

Terrabase Charon
Go North to Terrabase Charon and through the tunnel until you enter the base. Halt at the first door, you will be able to spot the vex transformer on a ledge in the distance hiding behind a box. It’s easy to spot as you approach the area.

Excavation Site II
Use the Giant’s Scar transmat zone and go to the eastern wall to find the doorway into the site. Go inside following the marker on the map and then look for a door that is partly open. Look past the debris to find the final transformer on IO.

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